3 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To

If the past few years have made anything clear it's that successful real estate agents always pivot. Pivoting meant, for a lot of agents, open houses that were scheduled for visitors, virtual showings, and creative use of your website, to name just a few things...

Oh yeah, and plenty of masks and hand sanitizer.

So, what's new in real estate marketing? What can we count on to continue and what do we need to pay attention to?

We've got three ideas to help!


With social proof the gold standard for business, it's critical to your success to get as many positive reviews as possible.

Sadly, most agents still use the wish and pray method for getting these... This does not work.

And when the occassional spontaneous review comes along, good luck finding it! There are a hundreds of places online where someone could leave a review. Do you know where your clients leave theirs?

Smart agents know that maximizing the number and quality of reviews on the sites you want them to appear requires a plan.

Create a plan that includes the sites you want your reviews, and a solid series of follow up messages that gets your happy customers to leave their review on a site. Make it easy for them -- send them an email and give them a link directly to the review form.

Once you have a plan - work it and watch what happens.


Sell a lifestyle and you'll sell more houses. Falling in love with a property is less about its size and features. Now, it’s more about how the home and neighborhood makes you feel.

Can you picture what your day-to-day life will be like in this new place? That's what's going to sell the house. It's the lifestyle people want to buy.

How do you sell a lifestyle?

Images and videos catch people’s eye and do a great job at conveying emotion. Think about creating short vidoes as these show well on social media and your website. Remember that you're showing a lifestyle - don't leave people out of your shots. An empty room or vacant home is not the lifestyle people want. Show people moving about, entertaining, doing every day activities in the home.

This will get people interested in learning more, and should help you sell the home quickly.

One important tip for your videos: Make sure your videos have captions! More than 80% of video is watched without sound... No captions means nobody knows what your video is about.

Speaking of lifestlye...


Lifestyle is all about where you live. It says everything about who you are, what you value, and the places you spend your time.

Create content about the neighborhood if you want someone to know what living there will be like.

How do you create content about a neighborhood? Review local restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, parks, schools, shops, and any other aspects so that you can market a full lifestyle, not just the house. Find out what makes the neighborhood cool, unique, fun, friendly... This is especially helpful when you live in a city where every neighborhood has its own vibe.

Then, use and re-use your content. Put it on your website, in your emails to prospects, and on your social media. Put it everywhere!

Be the expert in spotlighting the cool things about the neighborhood, and you'll not only sell this house, but you'll attract more prospects. Buyers and sellers will want what you know.