Agent Basics: Bootcamp

Follow each of these topics to get set up to make the most of your Buying Buddy.

  1. Getting Started Video. Quick overview of how to setup Buying Buddy in your website
  2. First Look: Buying Buddy In Your Website (video) How Buying Buddy works in your website and what it does.
  3. How to Setup Your Personal Profile How to set your profile, signature, stationary and contact details.
  4. How to Brand your Emails How to Personalize your emails with a custom email header and signature.
  5. How to Set and Choose Notifications + Daily Reports Sent To You Get instant lead notifications and alerts via email and SMS.
  6. How to Add Leads to Your CRM Account Import your existing leads and leads from other sources.
  7. How to Set the Default Campaign for Your Leads Welcome emails and default campaigns.
  8. How to Setup Property Alerts for Your Leads and Clients There is no better way to incubate leads than have them receive properties!
  9. How to Fine Tune Your Lead Capture Settings Require registration (or show reminder) after ‘so-many’ searches or property views