Managing Your Hosted WordPress Website

Hosted Website Customers Only
These articles are for customers with a Blue Fire Group Hosted WordPress website - they are not general articles for Buying Buddy customers.
These articles ONLY apply if you have WordPress website provided and hosted by Blue Fire Group.
If you are looking for Buying Buddy plugin and CRM support click here.

See Hosted Websites FAQ too, for common Questions and Answers.

Getting Started

First, DOWNLOAD the following getting started guides

Welcome to Your New Website

Plugins and Features

Blue Fire Group Hosted Websites

How do I set up my website DNS?
See this article for full instructions: How to Set up DNS

If in doubt about changing DNS, seek our advice and we'll be happy to help.

If you are a new client and need to set DNS,
Only create an A-Record pointing IP:
NOTE - for OLDER sites (created pre-2013)
Adjust your DNS as follows: and

If you need to set an A-Record, set the IP to be:
Is there a Website User Guide I can download?
Click the link below to download our guide and get started with your new WordPress website hosted by Blue Fire Group.

Welcome to Your New Website