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Add Google Map API Key to your Buying Buddy Account

You should always add the API key to your Buying Buddy account as described here.
If you have a WordPress site, or you are using our PHP Class it is always advisable to also add the API Key to the Buying Buddy plugin in your website too (explained below).

If your website system (e.g. your WordPress theme) is already loading Google Maps then you should choose to prevent Buying Buddy from loading Google Maps as this will cause conflicts. See Disable Google Maps API below.

Add Google Maps Key to Buying Buddy

1. Copy the Google API key you generated

Go to your Google Map Platform Credentials page and then select Credentials from the menu
Your API Key is shown in the API Keys table and you can use the icon on the right to copy your API Key.

2. Log in to your Buying Buddy account.
Navigate to: Websites & Widgets > Authorized Domains
Then click the "Website Settings" link for your website.

Scroll down to panel "2. GOOGLE MAP API KEY".

3. For each of your websites, paste in the API key for that domain in the "Google Map API Key" section.
NOTE: If you are specifying multiple domains, then in your Google API panel each of these domains should have been set up as authorized referrers.

4. Click SAVE to save this key for this website / domain.

You should now be able to use Google Maps on your website.
**Sometimes Google Maps API can take 5-20 minutes to be recognized and authorized by Google**

If you have trouble displaying Google maps on your site, please verify that the Google Maps JavaScript API is enabled in the Google Maps API Manager.

If you are having problems getting Maps to display then see the Google Maps Troubleshooter

Special Instructions For WordPress

The Buying Buddy WordPress plugin will refresh settings (including the Maps API Key) from your Buying Buddy Account settings on a daily basis. There is no need to add the API Key to the Buying Buddy WordPress Plugin unless you need to utilize the API Key immediately. Otherwise, by waiting 24 hours, the plugin will be automatically updated with your Google Map API Key from your Buying Buddy Account.

Follow these instructions to add your Google Maps API Key to the WordPress plugin:

In your WordPress Admin Dashboard - go to Plugins and and click "Options" for the Buying Buddy plugin to enter the API Key.
Add the Google Maps API Key to the Buying Buddy Plugin Options.

Special Instructions For The PHP Class

These instructions for the PHP class only apply if you are using the Buying Buddy PHP Class for your Buying Buddy plugin (e.g. for PHP frameworks and CMS such as Bootstrap, Joomla etc).

Once you have added the API Key to your Buying Buddy Account, add the Google Map API Key to the "googleapis.com" script which is part of the PHP API Buying Buddy JavaScript in the <head> of your site.

Updated on December 29, 2022

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