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How to Authorize Access to your Google API Cloud Account

We can assist with completing the process of setting up your Google Map API.

In order for us to be able to help, you MUST have already completed at least the first 2 steps outlined in the support article How to Generate and Set a Google Map API Key:

  1. Create Your Google API Project
  2. Setup Billing

And you must have a 'project name' in the Google Cloud Console.

You will STILL need to install the Buying Buddy plugin on your site, and if you use WordPress, you will need to add the API key to the Buying Buddy WordPress plugin options panel.

If you have created your project AND setup billing, then we can assist with the the rest of the steps to enable the APIs, set your quota, create credentials, restrict the key with HTTP referrers and add the API Key to your Buying Buddy account.

To Give Us Access

This method allows us to have shared access to the 'project name' you created so that we can manage all the settings for you.

  • We will NOT have access to your Google email account
  • You can revoke permissions at any time!


Login to your Google Account and go to the Google Cloud Platform console:

Step-2: Open IAM Admin Panel

First - make sure the your project is selected in the blue header at the top of the page.

Then, click the 3-bar menu icon in the top left of the top blue bar to open the main menu on the left and go to "IAM & Admin" - and in the pop-out menu - select the top item "IAM".

Step-3: Open Add Principles Panel

At the top of this panel, click "+ADD" to view the "Add Principles" panel.

Step-4: Add Principle with Role

In the "Add Principles and Roles" panel,

a) Type in our email address in the 'New Principles' field
The email to specify is: technical.editor@bluefiregroup.com
(Buying Buddy is a business name of Blue Fire Group).

b) Click the button 'Role' to see the role options:
Select 'Editor' role (this is grouped under 'Basic')

Step-5: Save

Click the SAVE button

That's it.

Please tell us that you have done this and also confirm the name of the project you have used.

Advanced Options with Billing Access

If you also wish us to assist with Billing then you would need to set up a second role for the same Principle (technical.editor@bluefiregroup.com).

1. Add Another Role

If you have already added technical.editor@bluefiregroup.com then on the IAM Permissions panel (shown in step-3 above) you will see this email listed.
Click the pencil EDIT icon to update role.

In this case, in Step-4 above, click on '+ADD ANOTHER ROLE'.

2. Add Project Billing Manager role

To select this new role, click the 'Role' button to show the roles - and type 'billing' in the filter as shown below. Then select "Project Billing Manager" and SAVE

3. Contact Us so we Can Set Up Billing

We do not store the details of your credit card with your Buying Buddy account. So we will need to arrange a phone call with you so that we can set this up for you.
Please submit a help ticket so we can coordinate this with you.

Updated on May 17, 2022

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