How to Disable Google Maps API

Buying Buddy always requires Google Maps JavaScript APIs to be loaded in order to function.

Google Maps APIs can only loaded once - if the library is loaded multiple times then this will cause an error (you will see these errors in the Browser console).

So, if a separate component on your website or WordPress theme or Plugin is already loading the Google Maps API then you should disable this method in Buying Buddy to prevent conflict.
IMPORTANT: Even if you are using a separate system to load the Google Maps API then you still need to ensure that a valid API key is being specified.

The method for applying the API key will depend on your theme or plugin - but you MUST apply your OWN key to avoid issues (i.e. don't rely on a free or demo API Key that may have been provided by the plugin authors, for example).

Disabling Google Maps in the Buying Buddy WordPress Plugin

Go to your WordPress plugins view - then click Buying Buddy Plugin Settings from your WordPress Dashboard.
Choose the option to disable Google Maps API.
(You still require your Google Maps API Key to be added to your LAC Account)

Disabling Google Maps in the JavaScript Plugin

Disable the Google Maps function as this is provided in your website JavaScripts.
This can be done by adding this parameter to the end of the Buying Buddy JavaScript code: "/gmap/false", as shown in the example below:

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Disabling Google Maps in the PHP API

Disable the Google Maps function by deleting the "" script which is part of the PHP API Buying Buddy JavaScript.

Updated on February 26, 2022

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