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Buying Buddy WordPress Plugin V4 - Release Notes

As of April 30 2017, the new MyBuyingBuddy WordPress Plugin Version 4 (Coyote) is now available.

This new MBB plugin version has a very large number of new SEO and performance features for WordPress.

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New Functions

More SEO Benefits

All widgets now generate HTML to the browser. So viewing the source you should see the full HTML being returned. This is different from v3 where only the Featured List, Featured Gallery and Details widgets were returning HTML.
(The Results Widget will have more SEO capability added after this initial release.)

Smarter SEO features

Details widget now includes smarter SEO features. <title>, <h1>, meta description, meta keywords, OG tags are all set for each property.
Currently, this applies ONLY when viewing the actual details page - not the overlay view.
(To see the details page itself, just click the permalink in the details page)

To remove conflicts, the MBB plugin will attempt to disable the implementation of OG tags on the details page by other plugins such as Yoast SEO, Jetpack and All-in-One SEO.

Social Sharing

The Property Details widget now supports social sharing of a property on Facebook, Twitter etc. when using your standard WP sharing plugins.

We have also included our own lightweight sharing icons for social networks -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
Currently, these are shown ONLY when viewing the actual details page - not the overlay view.
(To see the details page itself, just click the permalink in the details page.)

New OfficeRoster Widget

The new OfficeRoster widget provides slugs for team member Profile pages and Offices.
However, to function correctly, this new widget ALSO requires deployment on a specific slug:

  • OfficeRoster widget must be added to a page with a slug called "team"
    e.g. http://www.domain.com/team

New Shortcode [mbb_lookup] for Custom Search Forms

There is a new shortcode called [mbb_lookup] that dynamically shows a list of all values for a field from a particular MLS in our system.
It will be displayed as a typeahead multiple select box. This would be normally used in a Custom Search form

It takes 3 parameters - mls_id, field and default_text.

[label]For example:[/label]

[mbb_lookup mls_id="denver" field="city" default_text="Choose a City"]

This shows a form field like this:

Ability to Add Shortcodes to WordPress Text Widgets

Shortcodes can now be added directly in a WordPress Text widget. By default, WordPress does not parse shortcodes in those type of widgets.



Faster Loading

V4 includes a new methodology for displaying widgets that involves less overhead when loading the page.

All MBB Widgets now SSL

V4 Plugin loads all assets as secure resources using https://

If your MLS is one where we 'hotlink' to the MLS photos, then currently, the hotlink URLs provided by MLS are not https. This means that any page on your website that displays property photos that are hotlinked, will display an 'insecure' message in the browser address bar. We are chasing the all the MLS we work with to get them to provide secure links for their hotlinked images!

Permalinks/WordPress rewrite rules are now optimized for faster page loads

PHP Version 7 Supported

V4 will work on PHP V7+.


Improved Support and Maintenance

Auto updating WordPress Plugin

The plugin will now auto-update. The MBB Plugin makes a call once a day to check for updates.

If a new version is found the MBB Plugin will auto-update.

Improved Changelog Communications

On your WordPress Admin plugin panel, “View Details" for the MBB plugin will show the changelog.


Depreciated Functions

The MBB dashboard widget that displays on the WordPress Admin dashboard is depreciated and no longer shown.



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Updated on February 26, 2022

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