Setup and Managing Express Sites

Express Sites require that the main website and sub-domain websites are hosted by Blue Fire Group.

Typically this feature is used in Office Accounts where there is a need to provide Agents with simple, templated sub-domain websites.

  • Agents has their own sub-domain website for lead capture
  • Agent will have full CRM capability
  • Any Leads will be associated with the sub-domain website

DNS records should be established using the Blue Fire Group Cloudflare services so that we can add subdomains and ensure HTTPS protocols.

Express Site Design

Blue Fire Group will create a WordPress website template for the Express Site. This will be very similar to your main website theme that we host.

Once the Theme is created, the Express Site feature will be enabled for your Account.

Express Site Content

Most of the content of the Express Site is generated directly from the User's Profile information. This includes: About Me, Photo, Contact Details, Featured and Sold listings - and so on.

There is a Home Pager Panel section that allows Users with an Express Site to add text and content for their Home Page.

Otherwise, there is no capability to add pages, blog or make changes.

Enabling Express Sites

Express Site's are automatically created and published for you as needed. This is fully under the control of the Account Admin.

The Account Admin is able to turn on this feature for any CRM User/Agent in the account.

Express Sites normally go live very quickly, but you should allow up to 1 hour for the site to go live.

Agents may then manage the content in a simple welcome panel that appears on their website home page.
All other pages and content is standard according to the template and cannot be modified by Agents.

To Enable Express Sites

  1. Check that Express Sites ARE enabled for your account
    This is shown in the Account Summary panel in Account Preferences
  2. Each Lead Manager User (not Roster Users) will now see the Express Site tab in their Personal Preferences section.
    This new panel allows them to set the subdomain name and home page content.
    See Welcome to your Express Site
  3. Admin may override this and disable Express Site for any User by setting Express site to be NO in the Admin Settings for any User

User / Agent Access for Managing their Express Site

See Welcome to Your Express Site, which explains how Users/Agents may manage their Express Site.

Updated on March 2, 2022

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