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Below are some of the most common topics for new users. Browse our entire support site, or jump right in here by clicking the links in each of the tabs.

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Agent Basics

Managing Leads

Displaying Properties

  • Installation
  • Using Widgets
  • CRM
  • Account Management
  • Advanced Topics

If your goal is to get your website set up with Buying Buddy and put widgets on pages to show properties, you're in the right place. Checkout the Webmaster Bootcamp, below, and pay attention to the sections of the website under the Webmaster heading. This is where we add a lot of our technical how-to articles.

Webmaster Bootcamp
Use our Webmaster Bootcamp videos and instructions to install and configure Buying Buddy on your website. Buying Buddy can be installed on any platform.

See the complete Planning and Installation Guide.

Webmaster Step-by-Step

If you need to work with your Leads and do any Marketing check the Leads and Marketing sections throughout this site. Tasks like adding leads, creating email campaigns, and communicating with leads will be in these categories.

If you're just getting started, don't forget to setup your new account and personal options for working with leads and contacts. You can see more on this by clicking here.

For a rapid onboarding, start with our Bootcamp! We've got short videos and step-by-step instructions to quickly get you going. Click any image below to see the content.

Getting Started Step-by-Step
Click this link to see our step-by-step instructions for agents.

If you're the Go To person in your office, responsible for importing data, adding users, or keeping campaigns up to date, look for the topics in our Account Admin sections. Your tasks are likely there.

Want to learn some cool hacks and advanced techniques? Check out our advanced topics. FYI: some of these may require coding skills.

Be sure to visit this space regularly for the latest news and updates on Buying Buddy.

Exploit the MLS data on your website, capture leads, and provide services to your clients and prospects. See how in our Advanced Courses.

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