Google Event Tracking on Widgets


The MBB Script / Plugin will automatically add Google Events to key user activities associated with signup and registration so that you may have close insights to how visitors on your website interact with the MBB widgets and signup.

All MBB Events have an event category of “mbb-event”.

You MUST use Google's event tracking to understand interactions using JavaScript.
Because MBB widgets use JavaScript and AJAX we need to use 'events' in order to track the flow and use of the Buying Buddy widgets. When considering how to track 'conversion rates' and create 'goals' it's important to familiarize yourself with the way Google Events work so that you can create Goals using events. Concepts such as a 'thank you / confirmation' page are not used.

If you are looking at Google analytics and seeing a high Bounce rate, it could be due to the success of your Property Alert emails!
Inside these emails, your leads click on links to view each property on its own URL.
Like this
Each time your lead clicks a link - views the property - then closes the window to return to the email, is a one-time page view - and if they don't stay on that page enough time (per Google's policy), when they close out it will be tracked as a BOUNCE.
It is this specific flow / action that shows as the high level of bounces.
Of course - what this actually indicates is a high level of engagement of the property alerts you are sending out, which is good!
If you wish, you can create filters in your analytics so that you can separate out traffic from Property Alert emails - then this will be clearer for you.
E.g. in the link above, "&mbb_search=2770472" identifies that it was a Property Alert Email - and the number is the unique ID of the search for this lead.


  1. You must have a Google Analytics account
  2. You must have installed the Google Analytics tracking code on your website

There is nothing else for you to do on your website as Google Events are embedded your MBB widgets. Using the Buying Buddy widgets in your website will trigger Google Analytics “events” and you will see these automatically reported in your Google Analytics account in: "Behavior > Events"


The execution of the GA event tracking code is handled by the MBB JavaScript.

Although this is not output as HTML, this is the format

ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'registration', eventAction: 'start', eventLabel: 'widget'});


The following lead registration events are tracked:


All MBB events have a category of “mbb-event”.

This is the main filter that will allow you to discover MBB events.


Each appropriate event has a unique label as shown in the table below.


Where appropriate, the URL of the page where this event occurs is passed as the “label”.

Events Supported

MBB Activityevent "Category"event "Action"Meaning of Event
Registration processmbb-eventregister-link-startUser clicks a “register” link to initiate a registration
 mbb-eventregister-link-cancelThe limit of searches was met and the lead sees the register form
 mbb-eventregister-link-successRegistration was successful
Search Form hit limitsmbb-eventsearch-limit-startSearch limit reached and User prompted to register
 mbb-eventsearch-limit-cancelUser declines to register
 mbb-eventsearch-limit-successUser completes Registration
View listing hit limitsmbb-eventlisting-limit-startProperty view limit reached and User prompted to register
 mbb-eventlisting-limit-cancelUser declines to register
 mbb-eventlisting-limit-successUser completes Registration
Save a Searchmbb-eventsave-search-startUser starts to save a search
 mbb-eventsave-search-cancelUser cancels process
 mbb-eventsave-search-successUser successfully saves a search
Save a Listingmbb-eventsave-listing-startUser starts to save a listing
 mbb-eventsave-listing-cancelUser cancels the save listing process on the 1st step
 mbb-eventsave-listing-successUser successfully saves listing
 mbb-eventstep-2-cancelUser cancels the save listing process on the 2nd step
Schedule a showingmbb-eventschedule-showing-startUser starts to schedule showing
 mbb-eventschedule-showing-cancelUser cancels schedule showing process
 mbb-eventschedule-showing-successUser submits request to schedule showing
Send to Friendmbb-eventemail-friend-startUser clicks to see the send-to-friend form
 mbb-eventemail-friend-cancelUser cancels process
 mbb-eventemail-friend-successUser successfully sends-to-friend
Request Listing Infombb-eventlisting-request-startUser clicks to request more information
 mbb-eventlisting-request-cancelUser cancels process
 mbb-eventlisting-request-successUser successfully requests more information
Updated on November 8, 2021

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