Market Summary Stats API

Display Market Data based on filters

This is a test of planned function. This is Beta and not launched.
Support for this function is limited.
NOTE: This is an advanced function, you will need skills using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

There are 2 methods available:

  1. Display summary market data based on a filter
    • e.g. "here is some summary data for this market.."
  2. Create a comparison table
    This method displays a table of data comparing market data across a group of field values
    • e.g. "here is some some summary data across property types.."

In each case, the following summary data is provided:

  1. Count of active properties (num_props)
  2. Average price (price_avg)
  3. Highest price (price_max)
  4. Lowest price (price_min)
  5. Average days on market (age_avg)
  6. Average number of bedrooms (bedrooms_avg)
  7. Lowest number of bedrooms (beds_min)
  8. Highest number of bedrooms (beds_max)
  9. Lowest number of bathrooms (baths_min)
  10. Highest number of bathrooms (baths_max)


The general approach is as follows:

  1. First, you will need the following:
    1. The API-Authode ("auth_key") from your Account Settings
    2. The mls_id and filter names of the fields you wish to use.
  2. Decide how to display values in your HTML. You will use unique CSS class names in the <span> or <div> which will show the data. On runtime, the JavaScript replaces those elements with the data.
  3. Add the appropriate JavaScript block to your page and customize.

Summary Market Data

Display summary of the following based on a filter.
The filter should contain:

  • mls_id (mandatory)
  • + any other filter options such as a city, area, or feature

You can create a filter using any of the Widget Wizards. On the last page of the Wizard, simply copy the filter string generated and use as needed (remove and quotation marks around the filter string).

Market Comparison Data

This method allows comparison of summary data across the following fields (the 'group'):

  • City (city)
  • Neighborhood / subdivision (sub_area)
  • Zip (zip_code)
  • Type of Property (property_type)
  • Property Status (listing_status)

Example Code

See the Pen (#ex3) Example of Market Summary Stats API Method by Buying Buddy (@bluefiregroup) on CodePen.

Updated on February 26, 2022

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