Manage and Market Your Listings

Your Buying Buddy account makes it easy to feature and market your listings on your website.
Your MLS listings will be automatically identified from the IDX feeds and the Listings panel in your Account provides you with a method to review and enhance them if you wish.

NOTE: This feature requires that you have added a valid MLS Agent ID and selected your MLS in your Personal Profile.

To see this navigate to:
Navigate to: Listings

There are 3 sets of listings you can work with:

  1. Your own MLS listings - these are listings associated with your MLS AGENT ID from the RETS feed we receive. If you don't see your listings, then check that your MLS Agent ID is completed in your Profile
  2. Your account listings - these are additional listings we can associate with you based on your MLS Office ID or TEAM ID - again matching listings to those IDs from the RETS feed we receive from your MLS.
  3. Your Private Listings - these are listings you can manually add that are not listed on the MLS

For multi-user accounts, each User will be able to review their own listings.

Manage Listings

Navigate to the My MLS Listings panel in your Account to see your listings.

MLS Listings

For each listing displayed, there are are 2 icons shown on the right side for the following options:

Manage Photos: Standard photos will come from your MLS. However, if you you may

  1. Add or replace any photos with hi-resolution images.
    When consumers view your listing, they will then see the larger images in the slideshows.
  2. Re-arrange the sort order for photos.

Edit Marketing Information: This panel allows you to add additional text comments for each listing if you wish.

  1. Property Headline
    This will be shown at the top of the property details panel.
  2. Alternative property Description
    This option replaces the public remarks that are normally shown as a description of the property.
    You may add text, or links or IFRAMEs etc in this area.

Private (non-MLS) Listings

Click the "Add Private Listing" button to add a private listing, and add listing data to the forms under each tab.

NOTE: You cannot mingle MLS and non-MLS listings - so a widget must be used to display Private Listings (use filter="mls_id:custom").

The same ideas apply - see this article for details.


See how to add video to your listings.

Updated on November 13, 2021

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