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New Feature
Bug Fix

Apr 06, 2022

New Payment Calculator Widget

A new Payment Calculator widget is now available as a stand alone widget. See Calculator Widget support article.

Apr 01, 2022

New Brokers Widget method to link directly to Agent Profile

There is a new method for multi-user accounts using the Brokers Widget to create a link directly to a User Profile rather than show the team roster.
This will benefit any customer with a multi-user account and widgets on a Duda, Squarespace, HTML site etc (i.e. not WordPress) that uses the Buying Buddy JavaScript plugin.
See details under URL Parameters heading in this Brokers Widget support article.

Jan 31, 2022

Segment and Category Menu Items Moved

'Manage Segments', and 'Groups & Categories' menu items are moved to the Leads menu.

Oct 26, 2021

Thumbnail Photos increased quality

All thumbnail photos have been increased in size and resolution

Oct 22, 2021

New: Lead's Social Profile Photos

When a lead registers with Facebook or Google, their social profile photo is now displayed on the lead summary and lead detail panel.

Sep 21, 2021

Results Widget Change (Map View)

This update helps preserve compatibility between the old and new widgets. With immediate effect, the default view for the Results Widget will be to hide the map. The user can still use the 'Show Map' button to search with the map / split screen. If you wish to show the map (split screen) initially when the results loads, then add the 'tab' filter option to the results widget, for example: filter='tab:map'. (Results widget reference).

Dec 22, 2020

NEW banner timeframe changed

The NEW banner will now display on properties listed within the last 7 days rather than 14.

Dec 08, 2020

New field - BOAT SERVICES - now available in Palm Beaches

New field - BOAT SERVICES - now available in Palm Beaches MLS. Field is located on Features tab with variety of boat-related options.

Dashboard Stats for Recent Lead Acticity

Recent Lead Activity data on the dashboard, and the 'Recent Lead Activity Report' have both been updated to improve data accuracy and show consistent results.

The complete Changelog history is available in your Leads and Contacts account.