Multi-site Support

A single Buying Buddy Account (single-user or multi-user) can contain and support multiple websites. For multi-user accounts, websites may also be assigned to Users.

  • Additional domains/websites must be Authorized to be added to an Account. Please submit a Help ticket to request this.
  • Leads will be associated with the website they register on
  • Authorized websites can be general Account websites, or can be "assigned" to a specific CRM User.
  • An Authorized Website URL can be a unique domain or sub domain.
  • There may be additional License Fees for the support of extra domains in your account, and MLS Passthrough Fees may also apply.

Additional Websites / Domains

Multi-site is established by requesting additional Authorized Domains for your Account.
Additional websites often require IDX approval and licensing. Please submit a Help ticket to add more domains to your account.


  • When Leads register they will be associated with a specific website (i.e. the one they register on)
  • The Lead's associated website will be shown on the Lead Detail page (in the header and profile panels).
  • Property Alerts and system correspondence will always refer-to and send the lead back-to their associated website
  • Just Listed Alert and Property Details URL settings are configured for each Authorized Website using the Website Settings panel (LAC / Widgets)
  • Each Authorized website can have its own Widget Theme.
  • It is possible to change the assignment of a lead from one Authorized Website to another on the Lead Detail panel by clicking the assigned website URL.
  • Campaign / Email editor provides a dynamic variable under Lead Information called "Assigned Website URL"

When an IDX Agreement record is changed or removed, care must be taken to re-assign leads, if necessary, to a new Authorized Website. You should seek support for this via the Help Desk.

Assigning Authorized Websites to Users

A CRM User (not Roster Agents) can be assigned to an AUTHORIZED Website as follows:

The Account Admin can assign a CRM User to an Authorized Website in the Website Settings panel (go to Widgets / Website Settings).

Users may have multiple assigned websites.

NOTE: The Authorized Website must comply with your local MLS IDX Rules.
For example,  if the IDX agreement for an Authorized Website is for Broker A, but then we assign the Authorized website with Agent B in Website settings, then the Authorized website must still reference Broker A in the branding etc as per your local MLS IDX Rules.

CRM User Permissions for their Assigned Websites

A CRM User with an Assigned Website has the full ability to see and manage Website Settings for this website.
These settings will mirror the settings viewed by Admin, and include all the Tabbed sections:

  • Summary Tab (shows authorized websites and IDX agreements)
  • Configuration (website settings)
  • Installation (get the plugin code and install)
  • Get Widgets (get widget code)
  • Themes (widget themes)

Setting up Buying Buddy Widgets on Authorized Websites

Follow the normal process to install the Buying Buddy JavaScript or WordPress Buying Buddy Plugin and deploy widgets.

Ensure that all installations on Authorized Websites of the JavaScript or WordPress plugin include your Account Activation Key.

The Multi-site feature allows you to include WordPress websites and non-WordPress websites in your account.

Updated on November 23, 2022

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