Version 3 Widget Changelog

Buying Buddy V3 Widgets - Changelog and Overview

Version 3 Buying Buddy Widgets were introduced in July 2015. Any clients that installed Buying Buddy prior to this time will be using Version 2.
Widget versions can be easily changed to Version 3 in the LAC, however, your website will need to be HTML5.

Version 3 is a significant redesign, specifically making all widgets mobile-responsive - i.e. the layout will adjust to fit the browser window.
This functionality does of require that your website is mobile responsive too.

Version 3 includes improved styling, blazingly fast content loading and navigation, improved layout and many new features and functions.

NOTE. Version 3 refers specifically to the Widgets. If you use WordPress and have installed the plugin, then this plugin has a totally separate version number; the WordPress plugin version has nothing to do with the Widget Version.

Summary of What's New

Depreciated Functions

  • Featured listing banner account-level custom message is now replaced with a new "Featured" banner. Banner text cannot be modified.
  • There is no longer any need to specify a "widget_id=" as all widgets are now validated by your account code. If used, this parameter is ignored.
  • The widget called "MBBv3_Roster" is no longer supported.(The "MBBv3_Brokers" widget is upgraded to provide support for all account scenarios).
  • The widget called "MBBv3_ContactUs" is no longer supported. Use the "MBBv3_LcForm" widget with appropriate filter instead.

New / Changed

  • All Version 3 widgets now updated to be fully mobile responsive.
  • Completely new and enhanced My Account Dashboard and flow for consumers
  • New Lead Capture methods (reminders) - see "Lead Capture" settings - in: "Admin / Account Preferences"
  • New "My Account" function for your leads and clients making them feel like they really have their own personal home-search resource
  • Display search forms with pre-set values
  • Property Details are now shown as both an overlay and an actual web page which makes navigation and review of properties incredibly fast
  • New interactive slider bars on results and map
  • New carousel option on the Gallery widget
  • New widgets for IDX / MLS disclaimers
  • New widgets support "sold" and "under contract" (if available in your MLS IDX feed)
  • Ability to pick a color theme and even create your own color theme
  • New multiple view modes on Results
  • New photo slideshow
  • Full integration with Google Analytics event tracking
  • New banners on photos: Reduced (in last 14 days), New (in last 14 days ), Featured (your properties), Sold, Under Contract
  • V3 widgets will only work on domains that have IDX approval
  • New leads will be associated with the domain on which they registered and this will be reflected in Property Email Alerts and general correspondence to the lead where any links back to the website will go to the website of registration
  • The filter parameter name that defines a map area has changed - although both are now supported to ensure backward compatibility. The old filter name was "polygon:..." the new keyword is "shapesearch:..."

How to Migrate to V3 Widgets

  1. Check your website is HTML5.
    (Its also worth checking to ensure you don't have a lot of CSS using the !important rule as this can interfere with widget themes)
    1. Download the latest Version3 plugin as a ZIP file from your LAC account
    2. Go to your WordPress admin panel.
      Deactivate the existing WordPress plugin (you will not lose any of your previous saved settings).
    3. Click on 'Plugin' >> 'Add New'. Browse to find the ZIP file and then click on the 'Upload' tab
    4. Click on the 'Activate Plugin' link.
      After successful activation, you will be redirected to the Buying Buddy Options page where you will need to enter your Account Activation Key.
      If the new version of the plugin is functionally normally on your website, you can Delete the older plugin.
    5. Unlike previous versions, this new plugin version requires your
    6. Account Activation Key
    7. to be entered in the plugin configuration panel.
      Your Account Activation Key is displayed in your dashboard, go to Websites & Widgets >  Getting Started panel (scroll to the bottom of the page).
    8. You may wish to clear your WordPress cache if you are using caching plugins
    1. No special preparation is required
  4. At this stage, your account is ready to be changed to be using V3. Please contact us.
  5. Your final step is to choose or configure a themes for your widgets. The default theme will be applied.
    To change themes, go to the LAC > Widgets / Getting Started / Website Settings / Themes

How to Use V3 Widgets

To use V3 Widgets, you should change widget settings in your LAC account.
The Widget version will apply to your entire account - so if you have multiple websites you won't be able to mix and match V2 and V3, but you can change back if you wish.

NOTE: With Version 3, widget_id is no longer used. For example, for a gallery display widget, the following illustrates valid widget code:

<div id="MBBv3_FeaturedGallery">
[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_FeaturedList"]


Q: Do the new widgets work on tablets and smartphones including IPhone and Android devices?

A: Yes, They look great on all devices!

Q: Do I need to change my website to use the new widgets?

A: No. Simply choose to use V3 widgets from your LAC account. Your website will then display all the new widgets

A. Yes

Q: Now that property details are shown as an  overlay - how do I find the page URL for a specific property?

A: The URL for any property is shown as part of the property details. SImply scroll down to the bottom of the details and you will see the URL link for this property.
Property Details are always available via an actual URL based off your designated 'property details' page, although for actual user interaction, the overlay will be used.

Q: How has the Roster / Broker / About-me widget changed?

A. The widget called "MBBv3_Roster" is no longer supported. A single widget called MBBv3_Brokers now provides all support for an About Me page, Office Listings and Agent Roster

My Account

The My Account for your leads and prospects is a brand new full-service area for them to manage their own home search.

The new V3 Widgets now track viewed properties and searches even if not logged in.
Consumers can now see their 'Recently Viewed" properties and "Recent Searches". The capabilities are designed to entice clients to register!

  • New presentation as an overlay on any page
  • New dashboard showing Alerts and Agent details
  • Recent and Saved Searches
  • Recent and Saved Properties

New Widgets

Disclaimer Widget : NEW (V3 only)


There is a new widget to show "IDX / MLS Disclaimers" in one single place on your web pages.
This widget will show MLS/IDX disclaimers for all the MLS IDX services set up for your account.

When this widget IS included on a page then the disclaimers associated with individual display widgets will not be shown.
This approach means that page layouts can be kept cleaner and simpler.

Changes on "Existing" Widgets

  • id="MBBv3_SearchForm"

Brand new responsive search widget. Also includes the login panel across the top.

Pre-set values on the search form using a filter to pre-select starting search form values.
For example if you want the form to start off with only certain property types selected, add the appropriate filter to the search form.

Use a filter option to load the Search Form with the "More Options" panel showing too as default.


  • id="MBBv3_ListingResults"

There is now just one layout for the Results widget.

For backward compatibility purposes, id='MBBv3_SearchResults', will also work.

The Results Widget now presents data in any of 3 modes: Gallery, List or Map.

New slider bars make the results widget fully interactive in any view mode.

Auto-scroll: When the Results Widget is loaded, the browser will automatically scroll to the top of the results.

REMEMBER. The Results widget can also be used as a display widget too. So although one of your pages will be designated the 'results' page - for searches and property alerts etc, you can also place the Results widget on other pages too along with a filter to show canned results.


  • id="MBBv3_SearchDetails"

A Property Details page is still used even though most user interaction with the website will show details in an overlay.
The Buying Buddy system understands when a real person is viewing property details and show the overlay rather than navigating to the actual page.
This method is considerably faster and speeds up presentation of listing data and also helps ensure that when the user returns to the prior view, their relative position in a list  of results is maintained.

New features:

  • New photo carousel and organized sections
  • Similar properties
  • More appropriate SEO data has been encoded within property details
  • id="MBBv3_FeaturedGallery"

Brand new look. "Show More" button now allows users to continue to see more matching properties.

This widget now has a fixed height for each block, and has new filters available:

  1. filter="columns:x" (where x can be 1,2,3,4,5). Determines the number of properties in a row. Use filter="limit:y" to determine total number of properties shown.
    Tie this to the number of columns, for example, if you have 3 columns then make the limit a factor of 3 e.g. 3,6,9,12 etc.
  2. filter="carousel:true" Transforms the Gallery Widget into a 1-row animated carousel. The height and widget of each property display is fixed, i.e. the The filter values for columns and limits are ignored.
    The carousel will then fill the space available.The minimum width is 275px - this will show one property at a time.

List Display

  • id="MBBv3_FeaturedList"

Brand new look. "Show More" button now allows users to continue to see more matching properties.

Map Display


NOTE: Only one instance of the map widget can be displayed on a page.

Completely new interactive map widget. Works on all platforms and with a better more intuitive interface for drawing shapes and working "full screen"

New Slider bars make the Map Widget immersive and interactive.

Login to My Account

There is a new parameter for this widget that allows the layout to be block or horizontal:

  • filter="layout:horizontal"
  • filter="layout:block"

The default is layout:block

Broker / Agent Details

This is now consolidated into just one Widget "MBBv3_Brokers".

The operation and use of the Widget will depend on the account type:

  • For single User accounts - show single user
  • For multi-user accounts - show all team members in a 'roster'

For Multi-User accounts, filter parameter allow two alternative starting views

  • To show office roster
  • To show list of offices

Minimal changes to this widget.

Custom Lead Capture Forms

Version 3 now uses data-required="true" for requiring any input field.

Support for Additional Property Status

V3 Display Widgets now support additional property status, which is set using a filter:

  • filter="listing_status: {sold, under-contract, active}

(NOTE: The SEARCH widget and functions only support Active property status).
These are applied in "filters", the 3 options are:

  • filter="listing_status:active"
  • filter="listing_status:sold"
  • filter="listing_status:under-contract"

Special Notes for SOLD Properties

  • Sold properties will display the 'sold' price if it is available in the RETS feed.
  • The field label is sold_price, and for FILTERS use: sold_price_min and sold_price_max
    Therefore, a filter might use filter="sold_price_min:300000"
    Or, for sort: filter="order:sold_price desc"
  • SOLD data will only have been collected since the date when SOLD status was supported within a feed for any MLS, ie we will only storing SOLD data from that point onwards.
    However, we can retrieve all SOLD data for a specific MLS-agent-ID, or MLS-office ID.
    Please contact us via the Help Desk to request this with details of your MLS-agent-ID or MLS-office-ID.

New THEMES for Advanced Styling / CSS

Login to your Buying Buddy account and navigate to Websites & Widgets > Authorized Websites - then click Website Settings to see all the new options for V3 Widgets

The configuration panel helps you set a color THEME for widgets on a website. You can choose a different theme for each approved site in your account.

Learn more about themes and styling Widgets.

To create new Themes

Copy an existing theme to create your own themes.

NOTE: If your Webmaster has been using CSS rules that use !important then this may conflict with the widget Themes. We strongly advise web designers to NOT use the !important rule in CSS as it really does force a rule across the board - there is nothing that can be done to avoid it!

To get more granular control - add a DIV wrapper with an ID and then create custom CSS that creates specific rules.

Updated on November 23, 2022

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