Notifications and Reports Sent To You

Choices about Notifications and Daily reports are set as part of your Personal Profile.

  • Notifications are instant alerts sent to you when something happens.
  • Daily Reports that summarize lead activity can be sent to your email.


A selection of notifications are available for you to choose from. You may receive all or none of these. Delivery can be by Email or by SMS text depending on the alert type.
Notifications are set up as part of your CRM Settings.

In your Buying Buddy dashboard, go to My Notification Settings

Navigate to: CRM Settings > My Notification Settings

Select any types of notifications you wish to receive from the various options shown.

Daily Reports

To setup your choices for Daily Reports.
These options are shown at the bottom of the Notifications panel.

Daily Reports are set up as part of your personal Profile

There are 3 reports to choose from as shown below:

Video Overview of Alerts and Notifications

Please note this is a little out of date but it does convey the general set of features that are available.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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