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How to Set the Default Campaign for your Leads

A Campaign is an automated, pre-defined sequence of emails and actions that will be either sent to the lead, or set as Tasks for you, for this lead.

By reviewing and fine tuning your default campaign, you can ensure that each new lead is sent an appropriate sequence of emails, and, if you wish, you can be prompted via your Follow Ups list to follow-up with leads too.
(For multi-user accounts, the campaign plan can send emails and assign tasks from and to different members of your team).

The following image shows how this works:

As part of your Personal Profile you can choose your own "default" campaign to be assigned to any lead that registers (and is assigned to you).

Your "default" campaign for your leads, is be specified as part of your Personal Preferences.
If any lead registers, or is assigned to you using a method that doesn't specify a Campaign, then the 'default' campaign will be automatically attached and the campaign will run immediately.

NOTE: Default campaigns are a 'Personal' preference, not an 'Account' preference.

To confirm this setting, click your NAME above the left menu and then,
Navigate to: Personal Preferences
Then, select the "New Lead Preferences" tab

Select a default campaign from the drop down menu. The list values will indicate if the campaign is from the "Library" or is one of your own.

If you need to, create or modify your campaigns before you do this.

Remember, this will now be the 'default' campaign, meaning that every new lead that is assigned to you will be attached to it unless otherwise specified.

Default Campaign for Zillow or Realtor.com

On this same panel, you should also set the default campaign for leads coming from Zillow or Realtor.com.

You can set a different campaign, or you can use the same campaigns.

Other Methods for Attaching Campaigns

Campaigns can also be assigned to leads manually or when a lead signs up via a Lead Capture form.

See How to Assign and Use Campaigns for more details

Additional Articles

See How to Create and Manage campaigns

Updated on June 21, 2022

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