MLS Field Lookups

This API provides a method for viewing the fields and values in our data set.

Values are presented as either

  1. A readable HTML document for easy reference
  2. JSON


HTML page output

In this case, add &html=true to the end of the URL[YOUR_MBB_MLS_CODE]/auth_key/[YOUR_API-AUTHCODE]/?html=true


[YOUR_MBB_MLS_CODE] (required)

This is the code for your MLS. Again this is displayed when you generate a filter using the Widget wizards in your LAC account.

[YOUR_API-AUTHCODE] (required)

This is the API-Authcode for your LAC account. To get the API-Authcode - login to your LAC account and go to My Account > Account & Preferences, then go to the "Preferences" tab. Scroll down to see your account API-Authcode.

&html=true (optional)

Adding this parameter to the end of the URL will generate a readable HTML page.

Updated on November 4, 2021

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