How to Assign Leads using Round Robin

When a new lead registers in a Multi-User Buying Buddy account, there are three consecutive levels of options that can assign the lead:

  1. General Lead Assignment Policies
  2. Territory Assignment
  3. Round Robin / Manual Assignment - THIS ARTICLE

This support article will explain the Round Robin / Manual method.

On the CRM Settings > Lead Distribution settings page the Lead Distribution process will first look to see if Territory Assignment can be used to assign rules based on defined Territories for your Agents.
If Territory Assignment is not used, or is unable to assign a lead, then the lead can then be finally processed using the Round Robin / Manual Assignment method.
If Round Robin is not selected, then the alternative is 'manual assignment'.

In this step, the first option sets either "Manual Assignment' or "Auto Assignment (Round Robin)".

Lead assignment rules are only available to Users with Admin privileges.

Choosing the 'From' User

Unassigned leads will always be shown as 'Unassigned' and ultimately will need to be manually assigned!
While they remain 'unassigned', emails will still be sent to these leads.
So, choose the Agent / User that the 'from' email and signature will be applied from.

It's important to note that leads will still be identified as 'unassigned', however, the Lead will see system messages and email correspondence coming from the 'From' User.

Because leads are still considered "unassigned", they will not be included in lead reports for the 'From' User.

As a Team, you should implement processes to ensure that these unassigned leads are managed and ultimately get assigned to one of your team.

Automated Lead Assignment with Round Robin

The Round Robin feature allows you to set the lead assignment rules so that the lead is automatically assigned to the next Agent in the round robin rotation. This is a great way to make sure that all Agents in your account have evenly distributed incoming leads.

To configure the lead assignment settings:

Navigate to: CRM Settings / Lead Distribution

To Configure Round Robin

Select Method to Assign to be "Auto Assign (Round Robin)".

You will then see the Round Robin controls displayed below.

Add Users to Rotation

To add User: Click the Add User to Rotation button and then their name once to add to the Rotation. You will see them appear as the last entry in the rotation.
You may add a User more than once.

To move User in the Rotation: Click and hold to select, then drag and drop the user in the rotation as needed

To remove a User: Click the TRASH icon for that User in the rotation. You will see their entry is then removed.

Assignment Choices

Automatically Assign: This choice will automatically assign the lead the next User in the Rotation

Agent must Accept leads: This option will 'offer' the lead to the Agent.
When you choose this option, you will see a second panel will be shown for defining the time frame (in hours) allowed for lead acceptance.

Rotation Rules:

  1. All users in the Rotation will be assigned a Lead before a new rotation starts.
  2. Users that have received a Lead in the current Rotation will be colored GREEN.
  3. Leads will be assigned to the next highest ranked user (i.e. highest in the list) that has NOT had a lead assigned to them during the current Rotation.
Updated on January 10, 2023

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