User Roles

In a Multi-User account, the concept of Roles allows multiple Users to work jointly with the same lead.

A lead may be assigned up to 4 Users with different Roles.

NOTE: Users must have permission to manage leads - i.e. they must have a Service Level of Account Admin or Lead Manager.

In the LAC, when we say "The lead is assigned to...{someone}", this typically means "The Agent Role is assigned to...{someone}".
However, the concept of "roles" allows 3 additional Users to be assigned to the lead - and each User plays a different "role" with the lead.

The Purpose of Roles

There are two specific benefits from Roles:

  1. With distinct Roles, up to 4 different Users can all work on the same lead
  2. Roles (rather than specific Users) can then be referenced in the Action Plans and Drip Emails to automate emails and actions for a lead between 1 to 4 different Users.

It's important to note that "roles" do not change the underlying service capabilities given to a User based on their User Type and Service Type. The Role simply allows Users to collaborate and work on leads in non-conflicting ways.



The Roles are as follows:

  • Agent: The primary User assigned to the lead tales this role. If none specified, then this is the default. This role can only be given to Users where: User Type= Agent
  • Loan Officer: This role can only be given to Users where: User Type= Loan Officer
  • Assistant: This role can only be given to Users where: User Type= Agent
  • Other: This role can only be given to any User.

NOTE: The AGENT role is still considered the primary 'assignment' for the purposes of all help text and general references to 'assignment'.


Assigning Leads to Users Using Roles

Lead Assignment to Users based on roles is done on the Lead Profile page.
Clicking the EDIT icon next to the "Assigned To" label will take you to the panel where you can assign Users to Roles for any lead.

Each lead can only have one User in each Role.

In the following image example, there are 3 Users from the account all working with this lead "Jeff Donch", and each of them is playing a different role..

Using Roles

  • Multiple Users, assigned different "roles", can now be associated with the same lead.
  • Each User assigned to a lead will see that lead in their account.
  • Tasks for lead can be assigned to Multiple Users based on their Role
  • Campaign Actions (calls, to do items and emails) can now all be assigned to multiple Users based on Roles.
Updated on June 15, 2022

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