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How to set up Just Listed Property Alerts

A very important feature included in the Buying Buddy suite is the ability to send your leads and clients Just Listed property alerts based on what they are interested in. These alerts are a great way to keep in touch with Buyers and make sure you are staying in the front of their minds.

Just Listed Property Alerts (JLAs) will send your leads and contacts an email alert when new properties come on the market matching the saved search criteria.
Alerts can be running throughout the day, daily, weekly or monthly.
These alerts are a powerful way to automatically incubate and keep in touch with Buyers.

When setup for a specific lead record in the Buying Buddy system, this will run the saved search on the frequency specified, and will then send any new properties found as a Property Alert email.

Just Listed alerts are created ONLY when new listings come in from your MLS.
"Price Drop" and "Open House" criteria will be ignored if specified when setting up alerts.

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To Set up Property Alerts

In your Buying Buddy account, find the specific lead for which you want to set up an alert, and view the lead summary panel.

On that lead's detail page, click on Alerts in the tabs.

On that tab panel, you will see a summary of all property alerts for that lead. If you haven't set any up yet, this tab panel will be empty.

Create an Alert

Click Create a Property Alert near the top of the Property Alerts page for your lead.

A new panel is shown, (pictured below).

Select all the criteria for which you want to set up the property alert. This is where you want to select the specific attributes that your client or lead is interested in, so that they only receive alerts for properties that are relevant to their needs. The Search form has criteria organized into groups under the tabs - click each tab to see all the criteria available. If you want to define an AREA, go to the next step.

Once you have selected the Search criteria, click "View Properties" button (at the foot of the panel) to view the search outcome. The results panel has additional options at the top of the page:

Modify Search will take you back to the previous panel where you can adjust the various criteria

Draw Shape will be shown if the MAP is visible - and this allows you to add a polygon shape to the search criteria.

Save Search panel gives you options for setting up a Just Listed Property Alert:

  • Search name is used in the email subject
  • Search notes are included in the email too
  • Email Subject (optional) allows you to create a custom subject if desired
  • Search Introduction (optional) will be the first sentence displayed after the Hello {name}
  • Alert Frequency: This can be set to Daily, Weekly or Monthly and this is the period on which the search will be run. If any new properties are found since the last search, then the alert will be sent.
  • Alert END date: The default is set as being several months out - butt you can change this
  • CC Agent: If selected, this option will send a copy of every alert to you as the Agent
  • Send Alert Now: If selected, this will send the latest 30 properties (plus a link to see all) to the lead immediately.

Your contact will now receive email property alerts based on the criteria you selected. You can always update and change these if needed.

Updated on November 12, 2021

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