Display User Variables

User Variables can be used to display information about a User (Agent).

Single Agent Account

Variables referenced will show data related to the primary account User (Agent) on web pages.

Multi User Account

The values of the User Variables displayed will depend on the following priority rules:

  1. Website is "assigned" to a User in the LAC Website configuration panel
    • This setting takes precedence and all variables reflect the user assigned to the website
  2. Lead IS signed-in to their account
    • User Variables will refer to specific information about the Agent (User) to whom the lead is assigned.
  3. Lead is NOT signed-in
    1. If the mbbagent referral ID set?
      • Then User Variables will refer to the specified Agent (User)
    2. If a Property ID is set where the Listing Agent is in the Account (e.g. User Variables on a property details page)
      • Then User Variables will refer to the User that is the listing agent
  4. If none of the above
    • Then User Variables will refer to a random User / Agent that changes each time the page is loaded

For example, when a Lead returns to your website and signs in to their account, the name and contact details of the Agent the lead is working with can be displayed on web pages using User Variables.

CSS and HTML can be used as needed to adjust the presentation of this data.

User Variables

From Agent's Profile HTML <span> Tag to use Example / Notes
Agent MLS ID
<span class="mbb-AgentId"></span> 
Agent Name
<span class="mbb-AgentName"></span> 
Charlie Smith
<span class="mbb-AgentEmail"></span> 
Email Link
<a class="mbb-AgentEmailLink">LINK TEXT</a> 
Creates a clickable mail-to anchor tag link
Agent Photo
<span class="mbb-AgentPhoto"></span> 
Inserts html <img> tag
Agent Phone No.
<span class="mbb-AgentPhone"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Agent Mobile No.
<span class="mbb-AgentMobile"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Agent Best No.
<span class="mbb-AgentBestPhone"></span> 
Text - shown as entered.
IF User has a "Mobile Phone" - then display this
ELSE - display the "Phone Number".
Agent Fax No.
<span class="mbb-AgentFax"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Agent Title
<span class="mbb-AgentTitle"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Agent Accreditations
<span class="mbb-AgentAccreditation"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Agent Tag Line
<span class="mbb-AgentTagline"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Agent BIO
<span class="mbb-AgentBio"></span> 
Text - shown as entered
Facebook URL
<span class="mbb-AgentFacebook"></span> 
Inserts social media link URL if it exists
Twitter URL
<span class="mbb-AgentTwitter"></span> 
Inserts social media link URL if it exists
LinkedIn URL
<span class="mbb-AgentLinkedIn"></span> 
Inserts social media link URL if it exists
ActiveRain URL
<span class="mbb-AgentActiveRain"></span> 
Inserts social media link URL if it exists
YouTube URL
<span class="mbb-AgentYouTube"></span> 
Inserts social media link URL if it exists
Facebook Icon
<span class="mbb-AgentFacebookImg"></span> 
Inserts social media icon (clickable)
Twitter icon
<span class="mbb-AgentTwitterImg"></span> 
Inserts social media icon (clickable)
LinkedIn Icon
<span class="mbb-AgentLinkedInImg"></span> 
Inserts social media icon (clickable)
ActiveRain Icon
<span class="mbb-AgentActiveRainImg"></span> 
Inserts social media icon (clickable)
YouTube Icon
<span class="mbb-AgentYouTubeImg"></span> 
Inserts social media icon (clickable)
Company Name
<span class="mbb-AgentCompany"></span> 
Company Logo
<span class="mbb-AgentCompanyLogo"></span> 
Inserts html <img> tag
Office Address
<span class="mbb-AgentAddress"></span> 
First Line of the office address
Office Address2
<span class="mbb-AgentAddress2"></span> 
Text as entered
Office City
<span class="mbb-AgentCity"></span> 
Text as entered
Office State
<span class="mbb-AgentState"></span> 
Text as entered
Office Zip
<span class="mbb-AgentZip"></span> 
Text as entered
Office Phone
<span class="mbb-AgentOfficePhone"></span> 
Text as entered
Office Tollfree
<span class="mbb-AgentOfficeTollfree"></span> 
Text as entered
Office Fax
<span class="mbb-AgentOfficeFax"></span> 
Text as entered
Office Name/Label
<span class="mbb-OfficeLabel"></span> 
Office Location
Office Photo
<span class="mbb-OfficePhoto"></span> 
Office Photo
Office Hours
<span class="mbb-OfficeHours"></span> 
Office Hours text

Additional Special Codes

From Agent's Profile HTML <span> Tag to use Example / Notes
Agent Home Page
<span class="mbb-AgentHomepage"></span> 
ONLY available if
User/Agent has EXPRESS site
Updated on February 26, 2022

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