Roster Widget Options

There are two "roster" widgets, designed to present Agent details, Team Details or Office Roster and Location Details on your website.

Roster widgets use information from the Agent's User profile (and your Account Settings)  to create these displays.

Although there are 2 Roster widgets (Brokers Widget and OfficeRoster Widget) - both will show exactly the same "About Me" page for an agent, which includes:

  • Photo
  • Contact details
  • Social connections
  • Office location
  • About Me
  • My Active Listings
  • My Sold Listings

To ensure the best possible presentation of Agent's Profiles and team details, you should ensure the following:

  • User Profiles should be as complete as possible
  • Each User (in Edit Profile) should select an Office Location (these are set up in your Account Settings).

The two roster widgets vary as follows:

  1. MBBv3_Brokers (for any website)
    This widget can be used generally with few restrictions.
    It does not offer permalinks for profile pages
  2. MBBv3_OfficeRoster (for WordPress or PHP)
    This widget is designed to provide permalinks (an actual web address) for Agent profile pages (i.e.
    This widget can be used with the Buying Buddy WordPress plugin.
    You may also use this widget on other websites where you are able to modify the HTACCESS file (e.g. PHP)
Available forANY websiteWordPress onlyPHP only (requires htaccess edits)
Default ViewUsersOfficesOffices
Can load onAny pageonly for slug /teamonly for slug /team
Allows search for AgentsYesYesYes
Displays Agents on RosterYesYesYes
Shows Agents profile with contact, BIO and listingsYesYesYes
Displays OfficesYes (filter)Yes (default view on /team slug)Yes
Provides Permalinks for Agent ProfilesNoYesYes
Provides Permalinks for OfficesNoYes Yes
Requires rewrite rules in HTACCESS?NoNoYes
Uses filters to control what is displayed?YesNoNo
Uses page slugs to control what is displayedNoYesYes

See the following pages for more details on each widget

Updated on November 4, 2021

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