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The main benefit of the OfficeRoster widget is that it provides each Agent with a unique permalink page address for their Profile which also can be indexed by search engines.
Visually, the OfficeRoster widget is almost identical to the Brokers Widget.

The OfficeRoster widget will only work with these website environments:
WordPress - the widget shortcode must be installed on the specified /team page slug - so this page must be reserved. You can also add to additional pages, but interacting with the widget will redirect site visitors to the /team/ page
PHP sites - requires the Buying Buddy PHP API and also htaccess file modifications - see below
All other website systems should use the Brokers Widget.


  • Displays a list of Office Locations.
  • Click to see Agents in an Office Location
  • See Agent's Profile page with their contact and personal details, active listings, and sold listings (where available)
  • Search to see Agents
  • There is deep-linking with permalinks (fixed URL where the slug is /team/..) for
    • Each Agent's Profile pages
    • The list of all Agents in a chosen Office


The OfficeRoster widget is primarily designed for Multi-User accounts with one or more Office Locations.

If you have a Multi-user account then this widget will display your Team or Office Roster.

If you have multiple Offices then this widget will present a view of all your Office Locations.

It will display your "About Me / Profile" using information coming from your User profile in your Leads and Contacts account.

This widget should only be installed on the designated page slug (/team).

NOTE: The presentation of the widget will depend on your account type. For example, if a single-agent account, then the widget JUST shows the profile for that agent.

Initial Views

The OfficeRoster widget has the following permalink views:

  1. Show all Offices Locations
  2. Show all Agents
  3. Show all Agents in one Office Location
  4. Show Profile Page for a specific Agent

1. All Office Locations View

Without any filters and on a root page (e.g. /team, or /xxxx') , the Office Locations View is the default widget view.

As long as you have OfficeRoster widget deployed on a /team/ page you could also add the OfficeRoster widget to any other page that might be there specifically to show your "Office Locations"
or (for example) 

2. Agent Roster / Team View:

Show ALL Agents by going to the following URLs - do not create these pages!
The Buying Buddy Plugin and Widget code handles the request for you and creates the correct display based off the reserved slug of /team/

2a. Show all Agents (from all offices)

2b. Show Agents for One Office Location

To show all agents in a specific office, first determine the ID of the Office Profile in your account and then create a link to a page like this

Show all agents in office (for example, ID =123)

See the screenshot above for example.

3. Agent Profile View

Go directly to an Agent's profile page by going to the following URL - do not create these pages!
The Buying Buddy Plugin and Widget code handles the request for you and creates the correct display.

Show profile page for Agent = Charlie Smith

Note: This is case insensitive
Note: The age name is a concatenation of User's first name + User's last name from the User Profile

Depending on the type of account, and the URL used, the OfficeRoster widget displays

  • The Office Roster - i.e. a list of Offices in your Account
  • A Team / Office roster
    • Clicking "My Profile" will then show the profile page for that Agent)
  • A single User's profile
    • Photo and Contact details
    • Bio (if one written)
    • Featured Listings (if there are any)
    • Solds (if there are any)

Click here to learn how to set up or edit your profile information.


This OfficeRoster widget is mobile responsive and will expand to fill any container / space made available in your website page design.


  • Minimum width: Designed for mobile
  • Maximum width: Unlimited

Colors and Background

  • Widget Themes can be used to apply predefined, or your own, color schemes.
  • Uses 'Widget Background' color from the applied widget theme


By default, the Broker widget displays all of your important information including your contact details, biography, picture, and your listings.

The operation and use of the Broker widget will depend on the account type:

  • Single Agent view - widget shows the Agent's profile
  • Team / office view - shows all team members in a 'roster'
    • Widget displays all profiles when 20 or less
    • If more than 20 profiles, a search bar is shown as initial view


  • id="MBBv3_OfficeRoster"


This widget DOES NOT use the same filters as the Brokers widget.

Instead, the widget views are set by calling URLs related the initial slug (/team)
Remember: the widget is only installed ONCE on one page. The Plugin makes all these additional page references display as expected.

The following filters are supported:

  • sort:{last | random } (default = "last")  *only applies to the initial view
    This determines the initial sort on the first load of the Roster.

The following two options apply to the MAP view of the offices:

  • mappin:{purple | red | blue} (default is purple)
    This filter controls the map pin color.
  • mappincur:{gray | purple | red } (default is gray)
    This filter controls the selected map pin color.

Support For PHP Sites

The OfficeRoster widget is designed to work on PHP sites and provide the same SEO and permalink benefits. You will need to use the Buying Buddy PHP API.

See Office Roster Widget with PHP for more details.


The OfficeRoster widget must be displayed on /team, and can be displayed using the following widget code:

The default :

<div id="MBBv3_OfficeRoster"></div>

If you are using the WordPress MBB Plugin, then the short code is like this:

[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_OfficeRoster"]

Remember your main control over initial views is based on the page address you open.

Updated on November 11, 2021

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