Lead Assignment - Case Study

The case study will consider how a small team can ensure that leads are being assigned correctly.

  1. Ensure 'my' advertising generates leads for 'me'
  2. I want my clients to see my and choose to register with me
  3. We want leads to be assigned to agents automatically
  4. Who gets to see leads?

For details on the specific Rules and Policies - see the Lead Assignment Rules article.


First, make yourself familiar with and review the various settings involved with lead assignment.

1. Account Settings for Lead Assignment

Navigate to: Account Preferences
In the General Account Settings section there are two settings to review:

  1. 'From' User - choose a single member of the team (usually the team leader - but ignore this for now)
  2. Lead Assignment - Set this to be Round Robin (this can be manual or round robin.)

In this example, because we are going to focus on automatic lead distribution using the Round Robin system, the 'default user' setting is not used.

2. Now configure the Round Robin system

On the same panel, click the option to "Manage Round Robin".

Step-1: Add Users to the Rotation
Step-2: Set the "rotation type" you want. The best option is to use "Automatically assign".

Now click SAVE.

See more details on how to setup and use the Round Robin system.

The Referral Link guarantees that leads sent by an Agent to the main website will be assigned to that agent should the lead register.
Each Agent should know their own referral link, which is unique to each agent.
Navigate to: User Preferences > User Profile
Look under the User's Photo for the "Lead Capture ID".

4. Individual User Signature

Now you have a referral link for any User, check User Signatures to ensure that Referral IDs are being used.
If the User Signature mentions the main website address, then change this so that the Referral ID is added to it.
You could write this as text, or construct an HTML link so that the referral link is hidden but the website name is presented as the anchor text.

Now we have our account setup, lets look at how these influence how leads get assigned in various cases.


Now lets look at what the team and team members want to achieve and explain how these goals are met!

Ensure 'my' advertising generates leads for 'me'!

In this case, the Agent should ensure that all traffic directed to the website use links that contain the Agent's Referral ID.
Such links could then be placed and used in Emails, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or on personal websites etc.

For example, if Bob, our Agent, has a referral ID of xxxxxx and the team / brokerage website with Buying Buddy on it is www.myBrokerage.com, then the referral link to the home page would be:

http://www.myBrokerage.com?mbbagent=xxxxxx (example only!)

Make sure you use the actual Referral ID for any user.

Any traffic clicking on this link and arriving on the website and then registering will be assigned to that Agent.

If you wanted to land traffic on a different page, then this could look like this:

http://www.myBrokerage.com/neighborhood-page.html?mbbagent=xxxxxx (example only!)

You could also make this even easier, for example, if Bob is an agent in the team, then he could purchase a domain name specifically for the purpose of marketing himself and directing traffic to the Brokerage site.
If Bob registers www.BobsRealty.com then he could set up "domain name forwarding" for this domain (at his Registrar) so that it automatically forwards all traffic to his referral link on the brokerage site.
www.BobsRealty.com -> forwards to ... http://www.myBrokerage.com?mbbagent=xxxxxx

Now, Bob can put the domain name he has (www.BobsRealty.com) on all his business cards etc, and direct traffic to that domain name.

This is an easy way to ensure that traffic and leads YOU generate get assigned to you.

I want my clients to choose to register with me

If no other mechanisms for assigning the lead to a specific Agent, then the Lead will have the option of choosing who they are working with on the Registration Form when they create an account.
This is the last field on the Registration form, under the phone number field.
(So, if you don't see this on the Registration form in your website then this means other factors have taken precedence).

We want leads to be assigned fairly with the Round Robin

If Leads are not specifically assigned using the Agent Referral ID, or they don't choose a specific Agent in the registration form, then they will be assigned to an Agent automatically using the Round Robin system.

Who gets to see Leads?

In general, Users only see Leads that are assigned to them.
However, any User that is set with ADMIN permissions will be able to see all leads, i.e. those that are assigned to them, and those assigned to all other Users.
At least person in an account must have ADMIN permissions and so at least one person will see all leads.

If all members of a team are operating equally then all Users in that team should probably have Admin level permissions.
This will mean all Users can all see all their own leads and all other leads too.

The system keeps track of how leads are assigned and if the assignment changes which provides visibility and accountability to all members of the team if you choose to do this.

Updated on August 28, 2022

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