Adding Users

If you have a multi-user Team or Office account then you may add additional Users as needed.

License fees for Users will be calculated and charged based on the number and types of Users at the start of each month.

Users may be added with the following options which will give access to various features of your account such as managing leads.

Add a New User

Navigate to: My Account > Users 
Click Add New User at the top of the page.

Change User Service Level

Navigate to: My Account > Users 
Click the name of the User you wish to change.

In the User Profile view, now select the "Admin Settings" tab.
Now select the Service Level and click Save.

Service Level

The services and features a User has access to, is defined by their Service level. There are 4 different Service Levels:

  1. Lead Manager
  2. Account Admin
  3. Roster Agent
  4. Webmaster

See User Service Levels for full details on the service levels and permissions.

User Type

User Type defines how the User can interact with Leads. User Type can be one of:

  1. Agent
  2. Loan Officer


In a Multi-User account, up to 4 Users can be assigned to work on the same lead using Roles.

Click here to learn about User Roles


Updated on February 26, 2022

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