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The common team phone number feature allows you to display a single phone number to unregistered leads, rather than all the personal contact numbers of your team members.

The effect of this option is to "hide' all the individual User phone numbers and replace with the display of just a single main number on the two main places where the agent details are displayed:

  • Broker widget display of User Profile
  • Property details - contact agent section

This method specifically does not affect User Signatures etc.,  as these are all only visible after registration.

This method will be useful where a team wants all un-registered leads to call in a single team 800 number.


This option can be configured separately for each website in your account

As such, this setting is part of the Website Configuration options

Once you are logged in, go to
Navigate to: Widgets / Website & Settings
Then click the "Website Setting" link for your selected website.

Scroll down to see Advanced Settings, where you will see the "Common Team Phone Number?" setting

Enter the new number and SAVE.

Updated on January 10, 2023

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