How to Display Sold Properties

Historical sold data is collected from the MLS feed and stored as follows:

  • We will store up to 2 years of Sold data.
  • We will only store the main photo for all sold listings.
  • We can retrieve sold listing data for a longer historical period for your own listings only based on your Agent ID or Office ID. PLEASE REQUEST this via the help desk.

Any "display" widgets can be used to display Sold listings.
There is no support for searching for Sold listings.

How to Display Sold Listings

Step 1: Choose your Display Widget

Use the Gallery Display or List Display widgets to display Sold data on your web page.

  • NOTE: Using the Interactive Map widget is not encouraged for Sold as this as the option to "Modify Search", and any "search modification" will remove the filter to show SOLD.

You can have any number of widgets on a page - and some could show Active and others Sold listings.

For example, you may have a neighborhood or city page and want to show "Most Recent Listings"... and also show "More Recently Sold Listings"

Create a Filter to Show Sold Listings

V3 Display Widgets now support additional property status, which is set using a filter:

  • filter="listing_status: {sold, under-contract, active}

These are applied in "filters", the 3 options are:

  • filter="listing_status:sold"
  • filter="listing_status:active"  (this is the default value if none is specified)
  • filter="listing_status:under-contract"

So, to show a gallery widget of sold listings in the city of Denver, you would use

<div id="MBBv3_FeaturedGallery" filter="city:denver+listing_status:sold">
[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_FeaturedList" filter="city:denver+listing_status:sold"]

Show SOLD listings: You are the Listing Agent

Include your agent ID with the filter, e.g.  filter="listing_status:sold+agent_id:12345"

Show SOLD listings: You are the Buyer's Agent

Include your agent ID as the selling agent ID with the filter, e.g.  filter="listing_status:sold+seller_id:12345"

Special Notes for SOLD Properties

  • Only ONE photograph is maintained and displayed for SOLD properties
  • You cannot combine listing_status values in a filter, i.e. a filter can specify sold only (or "active" only etc).
  • Sold properties will display the 'sold' price if it is available in the RETS feed.
  • The field label is sold_price, and for FILTERS use: sold_price_min and sold_price_max
    Therefore, a filter might use filter="sold_price_min:300000"
    Or, for sort: filter="order:sold_price desc"
Updated on June 21, 2022

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