How Banners Work

A listing with a Featured banner.

Banners are the small colored ribbons that show up in the top left corner on some listings.

Banner displays are triggered automatically by the system when certain conditions occur on the listing.

Only one banner will be displayed on any listing.

There are eight different banners, including:

  • Sold - triggered when the listing status is Sold
  • Under Contract - triggered when the listing status is Under Contract
  • Open House - triggered when the listing has at least one open house date, and removed when there are no scheduled open house dates
  • Reduced - triggered when the listing price changes and is less than the previous price
  • Special Banner - triggered if the listing meets the requirements you set in your Website Settings (see Websites & Widgets > Authorized Domains > Website Settings > Advanced)
  • Coming Soon - triggered when the listing status is Coming Soon
  • Featured - triggered when the listing matches your MY LISTINGS (agent or office ID)
  • New - triggered when the listing date is within the last 14 days

In the event that a listing fits more than one banner, a banner with a higher priority (lower number on the list below) will override a banner with a lower priority.

The banner priorities are:

1. Sold

2. Under Contract

3. Open House
Note: This banner has the highest priority for any 'active' listings
(active, active rental, or coming soon) and will be shown in
preference to any other banners.

4. Reduced

5. Special Banner

6. Coming Soon

7. Featured

8. New

So, for example, if a listing is New (listed in the last 14 days) and it's currently under contract, the Under Contract banner will be displayed. When this listing is sold, the Sold banner will be shown.

Updated on June 21, 2022

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