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How to Remove or Hide Lead Capture

The following methods will help you remove all lead capture capabilities from the Buying Buddy widgets.

For example, Save Search, Save Property, Schedule a Showing, Send to Friend - and more.

The following instructions have been updated with the launch of the new Buying Buddy widgets.

1. Turn Off Lead Capture Settings

The first thing to do is adjust your Lead Capture settings so that all 'forced' lead capture setting options are removed.

Navigate to: CRM Settings / Lead Capture Settings

2. Remove the My Account / Login Widget

This is typically deployed in sidebar areas:

3. Remove the "Hello - Register - Login" Quick Widget

This widget creates a simple text link for login or register.

4. Remove any Lead Capture Form (LcForm) widgets

If you are using any forms for lead capture, then remove all of these.

5. Add CSS to hide all lead capture methods on Widgets

If you have earlier CSS code (multiple lines) that performed this function, you should replace the old CSS with the new code shown below.

All the lead capture and call-to-action methods that are shown on the widgets will be hidden by applying the CSS code shown below.

The method to add this will vary depending on your website editor (i.e. Squarespace, WordPress etc).

<style type="text/css">
/* Remove lead capture and CTA options on Buying Buddy widgets */
[id^=MBBv3]:not(#mbbV1) .bfg-lc {
display: none !important;
Updated on November 22, 2021

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