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Leads that return to your website to use Buying Buddy will want to sign back in to their account so that they can see all their saved searches, alerts and properties.

In addition to this widget, you can also use Widget Functions too.

This widget simply presents a menu of options . Once the Lead is registered or logged=in, they will see the My Account panel (shown below).

The Widget will fit into a narrow sidebar space too, as show below.


  • Minimum width: Designed for mobile
  • Maximum width: Unlimited

Colors and Background

  • Widget Themes can be used to apply predefined, or your own,¬†color schemes.
  • Background is always transparent.

Login Panel Widget


This widget displays a panel with fields to allow your leads to login or register.


This widget can be be displayed in a sidebar. Or, it can be displayed as a horizontal bar across the top of a page.


  • id="MBBv3_LoginPanel"



<div id="MBBv3_LoginPanel"></div>

If you are using the WordPress MBB Plugin, then the short code is like this:

[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_LoginPanel"]

Automatically Display Login or Register Panels

Typically, the My Account panel will be shown at the conclusion of any activity by the Lead such as registration, saving a property and so on.

But in addition to this, here are additional methods to allow Leads to see their My Account panel

  1. From the login and account links shown on the search and results widgets
  2. Specifically display the Login Widget as described above
  3. By using the ?mbbaction parameter in your URL
    1. www.yourdomain.com?mbbaction=register: this shows the registration panel
    2. www.yourdomain.com?mbbaction=login: this shows the login panel


The following parameters are no longer supported.

  • filter="layout:horizontal"
  • filter="layout:block"
Updated on June 15, 2022

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