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A powerful feature included in Buying Buddy is the property map with polygon search functionality, which can be utilized in a variety of ways. Not only can visitors to your website use it to search for properties, but you can also use it to tailor your marketing messages based on what your clients actually want.

Zoom and Pan

  • ZOOM: double click or use the + / - controls on the map
  • PAN: click-hold and drag the map

Showing Results with Markers and Clusters

The map can show up to 5000 properties.

Where properties are grouped in an area, the map shows a cluster icon rather than the actual property markers themselves.

As you ZOOM and PAN the map, the results WILL NOT CHANGE, but, the way clusters are shown will change.

Typically, as you zoom IN, clusters will break apart and ultimately you will see markers for individual properties.


Initial View

The initial load of the map will automatically zoom and pan to fit the result on the available map view.

  • If a shape is defined, then the map view will be adjusted to show the entire shape within the boundary of the map widget
  • If a shape is NOT part of the criteria, the map view will be adjusted to show all properties found within the boundary of the map widget

Because the map widget is a rectangle shape, these approaches will have limitations and sometimes markers that are on the edge of the map area may not be immediately visible. Adjusting the shape of your map widget rectangle may help. You can set the height of the map widget using inline CSS: See the "style=" on the Map Widget Reference.

Adding a Shape

  1. To add a shape as part of the criteria, click the DRAW SHAPE button.
  2. Then, click the map to create a starting point. Then move the mouse and click again to add more vertices.
  3. When you are done, click the START point again to close the shape.
  4. Map shape vertices may be clicked-hold and dragged to a new position to change the shape area.

NOTE: Adding more than 15 vertices to your shape may cause performance issues - so keep your shapes

Updated on October 12, 2022

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