Linked Users

"Linked User" is a concept that typically only applies to Multi User (office or team) Accounts.

A linked User is one who has a separate Single User Account (or is a Lead Manager in a separate multi-user Account) who wishes to be "connected" to a second Multi-User account (the "linking" account) for the purposes of

  1. Receiving leads as referrals from the main (linking) account
  2. Being displayed in the Team or Office Roster of the main (linking) account
  3. Having access to company the Business Center of the main (linking) account

When a User Profile is linked to a second (linking) account these features are made available without the User having to have an additional set of login credentials.

The Linked User continues to have only one login, one User Profile and one place to manage leads - all in their own account.


Bob has his own personal MBB account and, he is also part of a Team. The Team has a separate team MBB account.
Instead of Bob having 2 logins, one for each LAC account, Bob chooses to LINK his profile from his personal account to the team account.
In this case Bob is the Linked User and the Team Account is the Linking Account.

Now Bob is linked to the team account, the following can occur:

  1. Bob's profile (from his personal account) will be displayed in the team's website on Roster widgets
  2. On the team website, Leads will be able to see and select Bob as an Agent they are working with in the registration process
  3. In the team account, Leads can also be assigned to Bob using Round Robin or other methods
  4. Bob still has one login to his own LAC account - there he can see and manage all leads
  5. Leads that have been assigned to Bob from the team account will show as referrals.

Benefits for the Linked User

Lead Management

  1. The Linked User will see all leads in their personal LAC Account
  2. Referral leads are indicated

Visibility in Roster

  • Linked Users will be displayed in the Linking Account Roster
  • The Linked User (and the Linking Account Staff) will be able to optionally select a Business Name and Office Location from the Linking Account for display with the User's profile in the Linking Account Rosters.
    This allows Linked Users to be shown with the appropriate Business Name and Office Location that may be required by the Linking Account.

Access to Business Center

  • The Linked User will now see the Business Center option in their LAC Menu (if installed in the Linking Account), and be able to access all the features and content of the Business Center.

Benefits for the Linking Account

Roster Views

  • Linked User profiles make it easy to keep Linked User profile data up to date as it simply uses the same data from the Linked Users personal account profile.
    This avoids duplicate data.
  • Account Admins in the Linking Account may set the Company Name and Office Location for Linked Users..
    From the "List of Users" page, select the check-box on the left to choose one or more Users.
    Then at the bottom of the table, choose from the available "bulk" action - e.g. "Assign to Office."

Lead Assignment

  • Leads assigned to Linked Users stay in the original account
  • Leads assigned to Linked Users will be marked as referrals to the Linked User
  • Assigned leads are visible to Account Admins in the various lead views in the Linking Account
  • if the Linked User "un-links" then leads will stay in the Linking (original) account.


Choice of Linking

  1. Both parties need to agree to the process of linking
  2. Either party can terminate the linking
  3. The process of linking and unlinking is performed by Blue Fire Group

Lead Assignment and Ownership

  1. Leads assigned to the Linked User from the Linking Account are owned by the Linking Account
  2. If the lead is assigned to the Linked User then it is tracked as a "referral" lead from the Linking Account.
  3. The associated website for these leads will still be the Linking Account (original) website - i.e. all property alerts and emails send the lead back to the Linking Account website
  4. Linked Users can be included in Round Robin distributions in the Linking Account
  5. Lead Assignment rules will treat the Linked User like any other User in the Linking account, for example
    1. Leads registering in the Linking Account associated websites may select the Linked User and be assigned to them
    2. mbb referral ID can be used


  1. Staff from the Linking Account can view summary details about the Linked User but have no access to any data (leads, profile information etc) in the Linked User's personal account.

MBB License

  • A multi-user account is required if you wish to be a Linking Account.
  • Linked Users do not affect the count of User Licenses in the Linking Account.


If the User is Unlinked from the Linking Account then

  1. Referral leads will be removed from the Linked Users account and will be "unassigned" in the Linking Account
  2. The Linked User will no longer have access to the Linking Account's Business Center
  3. The Linked User will no longer be part of the Linking Account's Roster

Currently this needs to be performed by Blue Fire Group staff. Please submit a help ticket with details.

Updated on March 2, 2022

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