Set up Your Personal Profile

One of the the first tasks to complete is to review and setup your Personal Profile and Preferences.

NOTE: Your Personal Profile contains all of your contact details and personal information that is presented on your website using the Buying Buddy widgets.

Personal Preferences contains several tabbed panels. Depending on your account type and permissions level, you may see additional tabs.


  • Set your personal contact details (important!)
  • Add your MLS Agent ID (to find your listings) (important!)
  • Add your personal BIO / About Me (optional - having something will make your profile present better)
  • Add your photo (important!)
  • Select Your Business Name (this is added in Account Preferences(important!)

New-Lead Preferences

  • Set the default campaign and website for new leads from the website or imported from or Zillow.


  • Modify your email header (optional)


  • Modify your Signature (important!)

Updating Your Profile

In your Buying Buddy dashboard, go to your Personal Preferences.
To navigate, make sure you can see the menu on the left side (if you cannot see the menu, click the small menu icon to the left of the navigation text to toggle the menu open).
Click your name at the very top to show the options to see your Preferences.

Click Preferences to see your personal profile and preferences.

Profile Tab

This panel allows you to review and modify your Personal Profile and contact details.

NOTE: The 'Phone' number displayed on your Profile on the website will be the 'default' number you specify in your profile.

The 'Office' number displayed on your profile will come from the Office Location you choose in your profile.

Contact and Profile Details

These are used when your details are shown on the website with any listing, or on the Profile / About widget.

These details are also used when you choose to generate a new email signature using one of the templates.


To upload a Profile Photo, click the UPLOAD button, then follow the instructions.

As part of the upload process, you will have the opportunity to crop your photo to the right proportions!


Your tagline should be short and punchy - not more than a short sentence. This will appear with your profile on the Broker widget.

About Me

Add text here as your personal BIO and anything else. This will appear with your profile on the Broker widget.

Edit Profile

Click the "Edit Profile" button (at the bottom of the profile panel) to add or change the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your MLS Agent ID and the associated MLS.
    NOTE: The display of your featured listings requires that both values must be set correctly.
  • Password
  • Job Title and Accreditations
  • Email Address
  • Business Name and Office Location (set up first in Account Settings)
  • Phone Numbers
  • Display Your Zillow Reviews and Ratings
  • Social Profile links

Phone Numbers

Add your phone numbers. If you wish to receive SMS Notifications (e.g. new lead notification) then ensure you add a mobile number.
Your 'default' number will be show with you profile on your website.

Please Note: On the various website displays of your profile, an 'Office' number may also be shown too - but this is the Office Phone Number that is set up for your selected Office.
This is managed in Account Settings > Office Locations.

Lead Referral ID (multi-user accounts only)

The MBB Referral ID is a unique reference number that can be used by Agents/Users in a Multi-User account (TEAM or OFFICE) to help ensure that resources and displays are explicitly tied to a specific User in your account.

The Referral ID can be used for:

and more

New-Lead Preferences Tab

This tab allows you to modify the following key items:

Default Campaign

This is your chosen default campaign that will be automatically attached to all your leads or those assigned to you. This option can be set generally for new leads registering via your website, or for leads coming from Zillow or

Associate Lead with Website

If you have multiple authorized domains in your account, then when leads are received from Zillow or they need to be associated with one of your websites.

Email-Header Tab

The Email Header tab allow you to add content - typically an image - for purposes for all emails going out to your leads. Your header ONLY applies to you.

For full details, see How to Brand Your Emails.

Signature Tab

NOTE: If you update Your Profile contact details you MUST remember to also manually update your Signature if necessary.

Your "signature" is automatically included at the foot of every email that is sent out.

For full details, see How to Brand Your Emails.

Other Items to Review:

Notifications and Reports sent to you

Updated on June 21, 2022

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