Performance Considerations

The Buying Buddy plugin is highly optimized for fast performance.
AJAX loading techniques ensure content is delivered to pages as efficiently as possible.

Buying Buddy JavaScript libraries are minimized and compressed.

The following guidelines will help ensure that your deployment of Buying Buddy widgets remains optimal.

Always Load Buying Buddy Plugin in the <head> of your Pages

You must load Buying Buddy plugin and Google Maps API in the head of your site in the sequence provided by the plugin.
Do not 'defer' scripts as this will cause the plugin to fail.

Buying Buddy Widgets Get Content

When considering performance, its important to remember that Buying Buddy widgets are designed to get data from a separate server, and present it on your webpage. This inherently takes time and so this will always make page loads slower than without widgets.

Multiple widgets on a page will be slower than one.

Adding multiple widgets to a single page will slow down load time. If you want a page to be fast, such as a landing page for lead capture, consider keeping the number of widgets to one or two.

Updated on February 26, 2022

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