Roster Agent Services and Features

Roster Agent is a permission level for agents in your Buying Buddy account.

Adding agents as Roster Agents is a cost effective way to add all your agents to your Buying Buddy account.

NOTE: Roster Agents do NOT have access to the CRM features, so although a lead may be assigned to the Roster Agent, they cannot view or manage leads.
(Admin Users have full capability to see all leads assigned to all Users - including Roster Agents).

Adding Roster Agents

When you "Add a User", the option to select is the "Service Level" which needs to be set to "Roster Agent".

Roster Agents do not have CRM access, but they are supported in many other ways:

Roster Display

The Roster Widgets will display all Users in the system regardless of their Service Level. This means that the Roster will show Roster Agents as well as Lead Manager agents.

Agent Profile Pages (from Roster)

Roster Agents will have a Profile Page, which is the same as other Users. It displays contact details, BIO, listings and more.

Show Agent Details With Own Listings

Roster Agents will be shown on their own listings and will receive any inquiries from those listings in accordance with the Lead Assignment Rules.

Lead Assignment

When leads register, if the option to select an Agent is shown (governed by the Lead Assignment Rules), then Roster Agents will be included in the selectable list of Agents.

NOTE: Roster Agents can be assigned leads and will receive notifications regarding these leads, but they will have no visibility of leads or lead details unless they are upgraded to be Lead Managers.

Updated on March 2, 2022

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