Segments are a great way to quickly manage an audience or groups of leads. Segments are defined using search criteria, which means that they are always dynamic.

Segments are used to define audiences for bulk email and other bulk activities (these features are coming soon).

Segments are flexible and can be defined or used in many ways. For example, by applying Tags to leads, a segment can be created where leads have this Tag. This will then be a 'static' list, as it will only include leads with designated Tags.

To Create a Segment

The filters for a segment can always be modified to fine-tune your audience.

Navigate to: Marketing > Manage Segments

Click the button to add a New Lead Segment.

Use the search form to specify filters that define your segment.

Save the Segment

To Modify a Segment

Navigate to: Marketing > Manage Segments

Click the EDIT icon for the Segment you want to change.

Change criteria as needed then SAVE the segment.

Updated on December 7, 2021

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