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When you create your emails, the following guidelines will help ensure that they don't go to spam.


Make your email subject meaningful, relevant without too much emphasis.

For example, an email subject that says "Thank You!" may seem great - but this will not help get your email delivered.

  • Don't use exclamation marks in subjects
  • Don't make the subject generic

A better approach might to be to have a subject like this:
"Thank you for visiting us at charliesmithrealty.com"

Use the variable {{{lead_domain_url}}} in the subject
You can disco0bver these personalization variables in the drop down for 'Insert Lead Information' on the create email panel.


  • Don't over use exclamation marks
  • Avoid language like 'free' or 'free trial'

We will be adding more suggestions to this list.

Updated on November 4, 2021

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