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This article only applies to the user of the MBB Plugin on WordPress or our PHP API where the MBB API for SEO is used.

In the past, there was a trend to create a sitemap of all listings in the MLS. By doing this your site would have many thousands of indexed pages. However, today this is a strategy to be avoided. Google in particular will very suspicious of sites that suddenly have thousands of indexable pages and may well black list you site.
A better strategy is to create multiple rich content pages - i.e. pages that not only contain property data, but also supporting content such as additional text, links and images relating to your target keywords.
You may wish to review any strategy with a SEO specialist.

The sequence of Steps are as follows

1. Create Pages that have Indexable Properties on Them

Use your knowledge of the MLS to slice-and-dice the MLS data to create specialist pages that have multiple Display Widgets on them.
The List Display and Gallery Display widgets contain the indexable links you want.

By doing this you are also adding in more relevant keywords too.

The key is to have a handful of properties in each widget - but add a FILTER to the widget to that its always showing most recent properties first.
Use the Widget Wizard to create this code!

Then, the search engines will always see fresh content and follow the links to the property details pages - which will then get indexed.

Always try to make your pages valuable to people too - don't just add properties. Instead, add some introductory text about the focus of the page, include some images, add more text below - and add some links to external pages and resources too. In other words make it a useful page.

2. Create More Pages and Cross Reference

Say you want to really focus on a specific neighborhood, well you can only really create so-many pages in your menu about that neighborhood.
But, if you regularly write Blog articles, then you can constantly add  additional content about that target neighborhood.

Now, when you do this, make sure you link back to your main neighborhood page - and - don't forget you can embed MBB widgets in your blog post too!

Updated on February 26, 2022

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