Widget Wizard Tool

The Widget Wizard makes it easy to display properties or create a custom search link.

The Wizards are available from the dashboard Websites & Widgets menu, and will:

  1. Help you choose how to display properties.
  2. Help you choose the criteria that select properties.
  3. Provide the complete widget code snippet you can copy and paste and use straight away on your web page.
Navigate to: Websites & Widgets

The two menu items available are:

In both cases, you will see the multi-step Wizard that will guide you through the process of generating the complete Widget or search link that you need.

The final step of the Wizard will show you the Widget code snippet (WordPress short code and HMTL <div>) that you can copy and paste to your webpage.

Edit and Modify

You can go backwards in the Wizard to change any choices you made.

Code snippets are not saved. So, if you want to adjust a previously created widget, then you will either have to create it again using the Wizard, or make manual adjustments to the Widgets and the applied Search Filter.

Advanced Filter Options

The Wizard will generate widget code snippets for most scenarios. The filters that are generated are just text and so they can be adjusted as you need when in your web pages to add in more advanced options

See the Filter Parameters and Options reference for all options and a full details on how to use filters. Advanced filters include filtering by:

  • Agent ID, Office ID
  • Listing Status
  • Listing date and Sold date
  • Sold date range
  • Open House
  • Sort controls
  • Logic operators
  • Layout and display controls

Always submit a help ticket if you need any assistance (please provide page reference and example) - we will be pleased to help!

Updated on June 21, 2022

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