Using '_not' to Exclude Property Types

This method shows you how to add a rule to exclude certain property types.

For example, if you wanted your clients to see all properties but NOT "short sales".

This method applies to the following two options:

  1. Display Properties with a Display Widget
  2. Create a custom search link

Currently this method requires manual adjustment of the code that is generated, as this capability has not been added in to the various Wizards.

NOTE: This method cannot be applied to listing_num, or date based fields.


First, you need to know the name and value of the field you want to use.

The easiest way to do this is to create a LINK or DISPLAY WIDGET from the LAC.

Navigate to: Websites & Widgets

Then select "Display Properties with Widgets" or "Create a custom Search Link" to start using the Wizard.

When you see the code snippet at the end, then you can start to make adjustments.

Identify the field

Lets assume we want to EXCLUDE "short sales".
So, create a Custom Search Link which specified this value - and the code looks like this:

In here you can see financing:short is specified - and this block will ensure that short sales are shown

This code block is for the DENVER MLS - make sure you create code using your own LAC account!

Make the field "_not"

To make the filter EXCLUDE that value, then all thats needed is to append "_not" to the label, like this

Combing "include" and "exclude"

If a Field has multiple values and you want to include some, and exclude others, then you may add both field names to to the filter.
For example, this filter includes HUD but excludes SHORT SALES.



The approach of appending"_not" to a field name can be used with most MLS fields.

REMEMBER! Discover the right values and field names by using Widgets Menu and Wizard in the LAC.

Updated on November 15, 2021

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