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Displaying My Sold Listings with my Zillow Profile

If you have a Zillow Profile, you can 'claim' listings and 'sold' listings so that they are displayed as part of your Zillow Profile.
This is normally done manually in your Zillow Account.

However, if your Brokerage has enabled "Sold Feed to Zillow", then this will be done for you automatically as long as the following conditions are met:

1. Zillow Sold Feed must be enabled

Zillow Sold Feed must be enabled as a feature on your Brokerage Firm's Buying Buddy Account.

This will be indicated as a menu item in your Business Center (your Buying Buddy account).

2. Email Addresses Must Match

Your Buying Buddy Profile's Email Address in the Business Center (how you login) must match one of your emails in your Zillow Profile.

See how to Update your Personal Profile (your Buying Buddy account).
See How do I sync my listings with my Zillow profile? for how to add additional emails to your Zillow Profile.

IMPORTANT. This will only affect records of Sold listings going forward.
If you want to add Past Sales to your Zillow Profile, see this Zillow article How can I add Past Sales to my Zillow profile?

Updated on June 21, 2022

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