Using Layouts when Creating Emails

When creating emails for Drip Campaigns and Email Marketing, it is recommended to use the provided standard layout to ensure your email is presented correctly in email clients.

The body of your email will be placed in a layout that stops text lines from being too wide, and also controls the fonts and text size etc.

Plain Text or Custom HTML Layout

To create email as plain text or using your own custom HTML, select this option.
If you have advanced knowledge of HTML and Email systems, then you may control the email layout by selecting 'Apply my own HTML layout'.

If you choose to 'Include Signature' then this will be automatically appended after your HTML block when the email is sent.
NOTE: An unsubscribe link will also be automatically added at the foot of every email when it is sent.

To Send as Plain Text or Use Custom Layout HTML

On the Add/Edit Activity panel, select the 'Apply my own HTML' layout.
In the message area editor bar - click to select the 'Source' button.
Now you can paste in your HTML code.

NOTE: You should use standard characters in your HTML code.

Updated on February 27, 2022

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