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Filters can be used with links to your search form to dynamically pre-set criteria.

This approach allows any webpage showing the Buying Buddy search form to be used very flexibly with any preset criteria.

This method can be especially useful where you want to help consumers to search using some of the special local MLS criteria that they not realize are available to them.
There are 3 components to this method

  • The URL to a page with the Buying Buddy search form ( id="MBBv3_SearchForm" )
  • The filter you want to apply
    e.g. filter=view:mo


Show the search form and preset criteria "mountain views"

Search field called View and within this there is a value called "Mountain Views".
Create a filter using one of the wizards in the LAC, this would be filter="view:mo"
Now apply this filter to the URL of the page where you have the standard search form widget.

Comments On Use

This particular method is similar to other methods for showing specific results, but is somewhat unique in how it provides a flexible experience to the consumer.

With custom search links - these are hard coded to show results, which is handy to see just the results.
With multiple page instances of the search form with a filter applied - this is a good option for where a search form fits as part of a neighborhood or niche set of pages with a specific pre-set criteria.

But with this specific method you can create buttons or links that always go to the same search widget page but in each case preset any search criteria.

Updated on May 21, 2023

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