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Introducing Buying Buddy Widgets

The various services of Buying Buddy are presented in your website using little snippets of code called "Buying Buddy Widgets".

Adding the "widget" to page means that when the page loads, the widget is replaced with a fully functioning interactive resource embedded in your website.

Buying Buddy Widgets present features such as search forms, results, maps, lead capture forms - all components of the Buying Buddy service to consumers.

Make sure that the Buying Buddy WordPress Plugin or Buying Buddy Plugin JavaScript code is installed on all pages that are to have Buying Buddy widgets on them. Without this code, widgets will not work.


When the page loads, the Buying Buddy Widget automatically displays the right information or function on your website.

Although they may seem technical, it's actually very simple to embed a widget on your webpage - all you need to do is select the function you'd like displayed on your web page, then go to your Account and get the appropriate code snippet for that widget.

Updated on November 8, 2021

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