What are "Featured" Listings

"Featured Listings" is a term used to help with the automatic and default display of certain properties.
They are defined as follows:

  1. "Account" Featured Listings: This definition applies to all Property Display Widgets on your website (Gallery widget, Featured Listing widget, Map Display).
    This ALSO applies to the properties shown in the My MLS Listings panels in the Buying Buddy dashboard.

    Featured Listings for your Account are shown in these property "display" widgets on your website if there is NO filter applied.

    The definition of account featured listings is shown below and depends entirely on your account type.

    NOTE: Properties displayed on Widgets can always be adjusted by applying a Filter.
    NOTE: Listings that match "Account Featured Listings" will be shown with a "FEATURED" banner on the various widgets.
  2. Your Profile - "My Featured Listings" tab: Applies only to the "MBBv3_Brokers" or "MBBv3_OfficeRoster" widgets.

    Your personal featured listings will be shown in the "My Featured Properties" tab of your Profile Page on the Brokers or Office Roster widgets (if they are used).
    It is possible to adjust which listings you want to include in this tab.

    The default is to show listings based on your MLS Agent ID. Navigate to: Personal Preferences > "Profile" tab
    and ensure your MLS AGENT IS correctly set.
    Navigate to: Personal Preferences > "Featured Listings" tab
    This allows you define featured listings on the various Agent / Broker Roster widgets.

Agent MLS ID must be correct.
It's important to always specify the correct MLS AGENT ID.
If you are not seeing listings then always check this as follows:
Go to "Listings > My MLS Listings" - and click the "Lookup Listing" button  Search for one of your known listings to see the Agent ID and Office ID etc. with that listing.
Check the details shown.

These are determined by the type of Account you have. In all cases these will be Active, For Sale Listings from the IDX data set (i.e. does not include 'under contract' or 'sold').

The default Featured Listing set is shown by display widgets (Gallery widget, Featured Listing widget, Map Display) that are used without a Filter.

For Single User Accounts

The default Featured Listings are determined by YOUR Agent MLS ID set in your Personal Profile

For Team Accounts

The default Featured Listings are determined by ALL the Agent MLS IDs from Personal Profiles in your Account.

For Office Accounts

The default Featured Listings are determined by the MLS Office ID which is set in your Account Settings.

If Your Account has Multiple MLS

If your Account has multiple MLS then defined "Featured Listings" only come from the "Default MLS" that is established in your account.

Check the "Default MLS" on your Account as follows:
Navigate to: Widgets > Getting Started > Website Settings
Associated MLS will be shown for Authorized Websites and one of the MLS will be indicated as "Default" (If you need to change this then contact us).


When using Display Widgets with no filters - i.e. using the system definition of "Featured Listings" - then all the following must be correct and match for listings to be displayed:

  1. The Default MLS for your Account must be set correctly
  2. Your MLS Agent ID (in your Personal Preferences) must be set correctly and also associated with the default MLS in your account


MBB IDX Widgets present a "Featured" banner on listings that are deemed "featured" according to the type of account you have.
Currently there is no way to change this in your Account.

NOTE: This only applies to the My Listings tab of on the "MBBv3_Brokers" or "MBBv3_OfficeRoster" widgets, so ignore this if you are not using this Widget.

Your Personal Featured listings can be defined in your Personal Preferences.The initial setting uses your MLS AGENT ID. However, you may change this to use your Agent ID and Office ID which can ensure listings are shown even if you personally have no listings.

Navigate to: Personal Preferences (above menu) > Featured Listings

The Profile page in the Brokers of OfficeRoster will then display with the User's featured listings as shown below:

Accounts with Multiple MLS

Users will need to select ONE of the MLS as the MLS to use for "Personal featured Listings".

Navigate to: Personal Preferences (top of menu) > Edit profile

Scroll down to the "MLS AGENT ID" field. If you have multiple MLS in your account then you must choose the MLS for any AGENT ID that you type in.

This setting governs the automatic display of:

  • Properties displayed on the ABOUT ME / BROKER / ROSTER widgets.
  • If you have a SINGLE USER Account, then it also defines the default listings when there is no filter on display widgets


The definition of "personal featured listings" only applies to the Broker / Agent Roster Widgets.
When a User profile is viewed, there will be tab for "My Listings" that shows the User's featured listings if any are matched.

Customizing Display of Listings

Without a Filter, the various display widgets (map, gallery, list) will show "featured" listings according to the definition of Account Featured Listings above.

You may want to have what you wish to call a "Featured Listings" page on your website that displays properties you want to "feature".
Often you may you want your "Featured LIstings" page to show specific properties, for example, million dollar homes in the area you serve - and this can be achieved simply by applying a Filter to the display widget.
Another example may be to show listings based on TWO AGENT IDs and so on.


Make sure you specify the CORRECT Agent and Office IDs. If in doubt, go to MY LISTINGS and then click the "Lookup Listing" button where you can enter the MLS# of a property and see all the Agent and Office IDs we receive from the MLS.

Show Listings From "my" Office

In this case, use a filter and specify filter="office_id:XXXX"

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='office_id:XXXX'></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='office_id:XXXX']

Show all the office listings but sort so that "my" listings are always shown first.

In this case, set the filter to use the office_id again, but now add the filter order parameter as follows, using your MLS Agent ID; filter="order:FIELD(agent_id,'YYYY') desc, create_dt desc"

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter="office_id:XXXX+order:FIELD(agent_id,'YYYY') desc, create_dt desc"></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter="office_id:XXXX+order:FIELD(agent_id,'YYYY') desc, create_dt desc"]

Show my listings and listings from another agent too.

In this case, use a filter and specify filter="agent_id:YYYY,ZZZZ", where YYYY and ZZZZ are both your MLS Agent IDs.

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='agent_id:YYYY,ZZZZ'></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='agent_id:YYYY,ZZZZ']


In this case, use any of the examples above, but in this case specify "listing_status:sold" in the filter:

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='listing_status:sold'></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='listing_status:sold']

Updated on June 21, 2022

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