How to Create Custom Search Links

Custom Search Links allow you to create a link to property search results based on any MLS search criteria.

This is achieved by adding a query string (a "filter" string) to the end of a URL.
These links can be created 'on-the-fly' and can be sent to your clients in your emails, added to your website, Blog or even Facebook or other social media.
The 'link' needs to include a Search Filter and goes to your 'search results' page (URL) where properties are shown based on the Search Filter that can use any MLS criteria available (including map polygons).

This is a powerful method that allows you to present relevant properties to specific target groups in your marketing.

The link is always created using YOUR website URL, and will always present the properties on your website.

For example:

  • Show your listings based on your MLS Agent ID
  • Show "Fix-Ups" in a specific ZIP code area
  • Show properties on a map bounded by a polygon shape (e.g. the river, the wooded area an the highway)
  • Show million dollar homes in your local sub division that back on to green-space



Use the Widget Wizard tool to create Custom Search links.

At the end of the wizard, select and COPY the code snippet provided and use this as a clickable link.

Finally: Deploy the link as needed:

  • Add to a Facebook post
  • Add to your blog
  • Add to an email and send to someone

Use Custom Search Links

Filter Parameters

For more details on available parameters in Filter Strings (queries) see Filter Parameters and Options.


Updated on November 4, 2021

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