How to Display Your Own Listings

A "Featured Listing" page on your website can display your personal listings (or indeed any listings if you use a Search Filter).

NOTE: If you wish to display your own non- MLS listings (pocket or private) then see Displaying Non MLS Listings

1. Create a Webpage on your website

If you don't already have a page for this, then add a page that will display your listings. You may also want to ensure there is navigation on your website to direct visitors to this page.

2. Add a Display Widget

Now choose which display widget you want to use to show your listings.

You can choose the Gallery Display widget, the List Display widget or the Map Display Widget.

  • The List Display widget shows all your listings. This is a good widget to use if you have or wish to show a lot of listings as pagination is built in..
  • The Gallery Display widget is good for showcasing a fixed number number of properties (e.g. 4)
  • The Map Display widget will show properties as pins on a map

[label color="success"]Example List Display Widget:[/label]

<div id="MBBv3_FeaturedList" ></div>

[mbb_widget id="MBBv3_FeaturedList"]

3. Configure to Display Your Listings

The default setting for all Display Widgets is to show properties that are associated with your MBB account. Typically this will be based on your MLS Agent ID or MLS Office ID.

So, with no additional parameters, the display widget will typically show your properties.

IMPORTANT: If no listings are shown then check your Profile in the LAC to ensure you have added your MLS Agent ID correctly.

Using FILTERS will allow you to precisely control what gets displayed and this is the recommended approach.

Using a FILTER with a Display Widget will allow you to define the exact listings to show based on MLS search parameters as well as OFFICE and MLS AGENT IDs.

It is possible to completely hide the section on your web page that shows your featured listings - including any heading such as "Here are my featured Listings" - in the case where you have no listings.
Use the nolistingshide filter parameter. See instructions for List Display and Gallery Display.


Make sure you specify the CORRECT Agent and Office IDs. If in doubt, go to MY LISTINGS and then click the "Lookup Listing" button where you can enter the MLS# of a property and see all the Agent and Office IDs we receive from the MLS.

Show Listings From My Office

In this case, use a filter and specify filter="office_id:XXXX" (replace XXXX with YOUR office ID!)

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='office_id:XXXX'></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='office_id:XXXX']

Show all the office listings but sort so that MY listings are always shown first.

In this case, set the filter to use the office_id again, but now add the order parameter to your filter as follows, using your MLS Agent ID (replace 123456 with YOUR agent ID!)

  • show all listings in the office - office_id:XXXX
  • Sort to always show Agents listings first - order:FIELD(agent_id,'123456') desc  (notice agent ID is in single quotes)
  • Then add a second level for the remaining listings by listing date - create_dt desc

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter="office_id:XXXX+order:FIELD(agent_id,'123456') desc, create_dt desc"></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter="office_id:XXXX+order:FIELD(agent_id,'123456') desc, create_dt desc"]

Show my listings and listings from another agent too.

In this case, use a filter and specify filter="agent_id:YYYY,ZZZZ", where YYYY and ZZZZ are both your MLS Agent IDs.

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='agent_id:YYYY,ZZZZ'></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='agent_id:YYYY,ZZZZ']


In this case, use any of the examples above, but in this case specify "listing_status:sold" in the filter:

<div id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='listing_status:sold'></div>

[mbb_widget id='MBBv3_FeaturedList' filter='listing_status:sold']

Click here to learn more about using Filters.

Updated on June 21, 2022

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