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How to spot hot leads and track lead activity

The more insights you have to a specific consumer's needs, the easier it is to help and engage them, and ultimately turn them into a client. Buying Buddy lets you to see detailed information on the activities of each of your leads, allowing you to engage with them more efficiently.

There are multiple ways you can get the information you need:

  • Dashboard
  • Instant Notifications
  • Daily Reports
  • Reports


On your Buying Buddy dashboard you will see several blocks of information about your leads and their activity.
These panels of data are all clickable and will take you to a view to show you those leads.

Notifications and Daily Reports

Instant notifications will alert you by email or SMS text as soon as they are triggered.
Daily reports can be sent to you each day.
See Notifications and Reports for options and details.


Utilizing your account's reporting feature will allow you to track everything that is happening with your account, including your to-do items and your email campaigns.

For your to-do list you can pull reports to see what tasks are overdue, who each task is assigned to, when a task is due, and what lead that task is attached to.

For email campaigns you can see which of your leads are receiving emails, who is opening them, and who is clicking on the links included within them.

Reports menu

In your Leads and Contacts account
Navigate to: Reports (pictured below).

Here you will see a variety of reports broken down into daily reports (to-do items and property alerts being sent out), weekly reports (lead details and leads with invalid email addresses), and other reports (expired just listed reports). Simply click on a report to view its details.

Example - Hot Leads Report

This image shows the Hot Leads report (this report can take a minute or so to run!)

Updated on November 12, 2021

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