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This import method is built in to your LAC account and receives emails from REALTOR.COM to import leads directly to your LAC account.
If you require more flexibility (such as assigning leads via a round robin), use the Zapier import method instead.

If you subscribe to then you can set your "Send Leads To" email address to your designed " import email address". Then, when one of them sends you a new lead, it gets added automatically to your Leads and Contacts database.

Your special Import Email Address can be found on your Personal Preferences / Profile page and will look something like this: Instructions

  1. First, get your import email address.
    Navigate to: CRM Settings > Lead Import Settings

    Scroll down to see the section - and your personal import email address is shown.
    Copy this to your clipboard.

  2. Go to and login to your Agent Pro account
    1. Click "For REALTORS" on the upper right corner of the page the select "Pro Login" from the dropdown
    2. Sign in to your account
  3. In Settings, go to "Lead Settings"
  4. Under "AdvantagePro" click "change" to add your special import email address.
    1. For "Email advantage pro leads to"
      1. Choose CRM (Customer Relationship Management) option
      2. Paste in your special import email address - it looks similar to this ""
      3. Set Email Format to be HTML
      4. Click "Add Email" and you are done!
  5. We suggest you repeat this for all lead setting options, such as
    1. AdvantagePro
    2. Connections for Buyers
    3. Profile Leads

Additional Approaches for Teams

It is possible to have notifications go to your personal email address (e.g. outlook or gmail etc) and in your own email systems, add rules and filters to forward to the email to the LAC using the import address of the chosen team member

To specify what LAC user should receive that email, they would enter the user's special lead import email address (e.g. It is important that the Subject line from the original email is kept in tact during this email filter.

Updated on November 4, 2021

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